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Man Tames Beast

BY CHRISTINE CALLAHAN | Man tames beast. Somewhere, out there, in a barren land. Who are they? Why do they have hyenas and monkeys on leashes? Are the animals being domesticated as pets or are they weapons or perhaps just curiosities? None of these questions are answered, only raised, in this striking exhibition, “The Hyena and Other […]

Brashly, Deftly Masculine

BY FRANK HOLLIDAY | Torqued Richard Serra’s weatherproof steel “Blind Spot.” Upon entering the Richard Serra show at the Gagosian Gallery, one is awestruck with a sense of majestic presence like when standing before the hull of an aircraft carrier. Four iron-colored sculptures fill and transform the space into a maze of swelling lines and […]

Art Director

Harvey Redding facilitateserotic drawing workshop By CHRIS SCHMIDT | Being the organizer of the Queer Men’s Erotic Art Workshop, an inevitable question Harvey Redding fields is how he finds his models. “I don’t necessarily look for men who are ‘Chelsea boys’,” he says. “I pick guys who have a sexual appeal, a sense of their own […]

Arse Erotica

By CHRIS SCHMIDT | You walk down a set of dark stairs and once inside need to wait a second for your eyes to adjust to the bright interior light. Turn the corner and you run into a beautiful man. Half-naked. One hand pulling up his shirt while the other is snaking its way down […]

Deep Impact

Violation: sweet, serious and sensual By WAYNE NORTHCROSS | When President Clinton was asked whether he had “sex of any kind, in any manner, shape or form” with Monica Lewinsky he answered: “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” As much ribbing as the President received for his parsing of words, a […]