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Pride Wangled From My Audiences

Pride Wangled From My Audiences

BY GERALD BUSBY | I came out while a junior at Yale in 1959, when a gay witch hunt brought me face-to-face with the campus police. The practice back then was to “catch” one of us expressing himself orally in a public restroom and then coerce him to reveal his cohorts. Shades of the House Un-American […]

Big Man on Campus

Big Man on Campus

BY SAM OGLESBY | Not long ago I attended a play on 10th Avenue in a ramshackle building in the West 50s. One of those neglected structures with an elevator that takes five minutes to travel three floors. In was a late winter evening and the play took place in a dark, drafty loft space, a totally […]

When a Panic Puts Four Lesbians in Jail for 15 Years

BY LENORE SKENAZY | This will sound strange but it only gets stranger: A man in the Yukon who lives in a hut and has a team of 30 mush dogs got interested in the topic of female sex offenders. Go figure. The man, Darrell Otto, may trod the frozen tundra, but like everyone else, he […]

This Year We March

This Year We March

BY EMMAIA GELMAN | This Thursday, Irish Queers will break with 25 years of protest against the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and march up Fifth Avenue in the actual parade. Believe that we are overjoyed that we don’t have to protest anymore. As per the rules of the parade, we’ll be in […]

Blindness and Insight

BY DAVID EHRENSTEIN | A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — America in the 1950’s — “homosexuality” was “the unspeakable.” Oh sure, everyone “gossiped” about “who was” and “who wasn’t,” but such talk wasn’t considered part of “polite conversation.” Only a decade or two before, Djuna Barnes’ Sapphic cri de coeur “Nightwood” […]

A Starbucks Tutorial

BY LENORE SKENAZY | Please pay attention. There will be a quiz. Starbucks recently took out a two-page, fold-out, super-slick ad in the New Yorker to educate us benighted, Folgers-swilling plebes on “The Art of Espresso and Milk.” Using a chart only slightly less complex than the Periodic Table of the Elements (for instance, it did […]

Are We All Sex Offenders?

BY LENORE SKENAZY | That’s the question posed to the audience of mostly college students by Galen Baughman, a Soros Justice Fellow and the final speaker at the City University of New York TEDx talks at the Borough of Manhattan Community College a few weeks back. TEDx talks are known for introducing new speakers with new […]

Governor Cuomo’s Life Or Death Decision On Supportive Housing

Governor Cuomo’s Life Or Death Decision On Supportive Housing

BY WAYNE STARKS | Two weeks ago, Mayor Bill de Blasio took a major step in combating our city’s homelessness crisis, committing city resources to create 15,000 units of supportive housing. For me, this was more than just a welcome announcement by a mayor I have been waiting to hear more from on our homelessness crisis. […]

A Chelsea Clinic for the 21st Century

BY WILLIAM A. SMITH | Numbers released last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that we are experiencing a major explosion in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) across the country. At the same time, STD clinics in too many communities have been permanently shuttered due to budget cuts while incorrect assumptions are being […]

PrEP Can Help Bring an End to AIDS

BY LETITIA JAMES  & BENJAMIN BASHEIN |  Thirty years ago, the world was still trying to figure out what HIV was –– let alone how to prevent it. We remember New York City during those dark years –– when countless men in communities across the city were getting sick and dying before our very eyes. But […]

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