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Where Laurie Metcalf Takes On John Wayne

Where Laurie Metcalf Takes On John Wayne

BY ED SIKOV | The toilet that once dared not speak its name now won’t shut its lid. Judging by the profusion of bathroom coverage, the backlash to the backlash to trans rights is in full flush, and the media is all but backed up with pro-trans stories and editorials. So let’s plunge right in. Support for […]

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nowhere Left to Pee

BY ED SIKOV | “Religious freedom” is the putative goal of Mississippi’s vicious new anti-LGBT law, which passed on the heels of North Carolina’s blatantly discriminatory new hate-LGBT legislation. As Ian Millhiser of Think Progress writes, “The Mississippi law… explicitly singles out LGBT people ‘for disfavored legal status’” — the term used by Supreme Court Justice […]

Of Rats and Asses

BY ED SIKOV | Since the last Media Circus — the one where I lambasted Maureen Dowd and her nudnik pal Max Mutchnick — news coverage of the presidential primaries has reached either the nadir or the zenith, depending on your taste for sick amusement. Mine’s pretty damn high, so I’ve been in a very merry […]

Getting Stoned and Eating Pancakes

BY ED SIKOV | Maureen Dowd’s recent column “The Sultan and the Salad” made me want to puke, but that’s not news. Her common cynicism, her busted moral compass… I usually skip her column rather than read it and wind up feeling vaguely embarrassed. Casting herself in the role of the seen-it-all skeptic, Mo asks us […]

If You Don’t Listen, You Can’t Hear

BY ED SIKOV | When I was covering the media’s shameful response to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, if you had told me that one day I’d be citing the New York Times as a model of fairness and forward thinking, I’d have said you were on crack. Lo: it has come to pass. Not […]

Emissions Control

BY ED SIKOV | “Do not watch. I cannot go when you watch.” Fans of David Fincher’s brilliant “Fight Club” (1999, from the novel by Chuck Palahniuk) will recognize these paruretic lines delivered by Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) to the unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) as Tyler attempts to piss in the soup — a huge […]

The Unsinkable Bobby Rivers!

The Unsinkable Bobby Rivers!

BY ED SIKOV | I met Bobby Rivers in the 1980s when he was one of VH1’s first veejays. He was extremely funny and preternaturally good-natured, qualities he still retains. (I couldn’t even get him to say something mean about Charlotte Rampling.) He’s been a radio host, a Food Network host, and even turned up […]

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing I Can Do

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing I Can Do

BY ED SIKOV | Still getting zilch interest in the mainstream press: From Miranda Blue of Right Wing Watch: “In yet another example of what the Religious Right’s recent focus on ‘religious liberty’ is really about, five Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to speak this weekend [January 16] at a ‘religious freedom’ event hosted by a […]

In Defense of the Brats

BY ED SIKOV | Thank you, Jesse Singal of New York Magazine, for writing “Why Arthur C. Brooks Is Wrong About ‘Victimhood Culture,’” a persuasive rebuttal to Brooks’ obnoxious op-ed in the New York Times. “Victimhood culture” has now been identified as a widening phenomenon by mainstream sociologists,” Brooks bleated. “In all cases, [the victims] treat […]

Hello, FADA

BY ED SIKOV | Here’s some holiday cheer — oh, excuse me, Christmas cheer (my liberal comrades are at war with Christianity, don’t you know, but I’m trying to promote peace and goodwill in what the right wing has turned into a season of bile and hate) — from Kira Lerner of ThinkProgress: “Six of the […]