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Her Hairdo(n’t) Is Hardly the Problem

Her Hairdo(n’t) Is Hardly the Problem

BY ED SIKOV | “FREE KIM DAVIS: Kentucky County Clerk Jailed by a Gaystapo Judge for Refusing to Sanction and Sign Gay Marriage Licenses” is the headline of George Lujack’s hilarious spoof on the website CowgerNation about the crank right’s latest poster bigot, Kim Davis, and the issues surrounding her weekend in the hoosegow for refusing […]

Mennonites and Men Monday Nights

BY ED SIKOV | One evening during my freshman year at Haverford College, I was hunched over a book in the library when a most unusual vision appeared seemingly out of nowhere. I blinked hard; the vision remained. “Don’t look now,” I whispered to the guy sitting next to me, “but there’s a Pilgrim in the […]

Read the Riot Act to “Stonewall”?

BY ED SIKOV | We’re at each other’s throats again. It happens, as John Wayne’s character says in my favorite western, “The Searchers,” “just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.” Trans folks are up in arms against gay men, white people are angry at people of color, and this time — absurdly — it’s […]

Lauding the Times, But Not Forgetting its Past

BY ED SIKOV | Gavin Grimm sat quietly in the audience last November as dozens of parents at a school board meeting in Gloucester County, Va., demanded that he be barred from using the boys’ restrooms at school. They discussed the transgender boy’s genitals, expressed concern that he might expose himself and cautioned that being in […]

Fascist Springs & Jesus’ Chicken

BY ED SIKOV | If you want wackos, visit scenic Colorado Springs. The Springs, located at the eastern base of the truly extraordinary Pikes Peak, is essentially a large military complex surrounding a small, cool downtown. The complex consists of Army base Fort Carson, the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, and the […]

When Hippies Walked the Earth

BY ED SIKOV | Hurry up, Sherman!,” Mr. Peabody cried. “Climb into the Wayback Machine! We’re going back in time to the 1960s!” “Gee, Mr. Peabody,” Sherman said with a fearful tone. “Wasn’t that a dangerous period in American history?” “Yes and no,” Mr. Peabody replied. “For uptight assholes, it was indeed a perilous decade. Americans […]

Celebrating Sexuality Does Not Reduce You

BY ED SIKOV | It’s a dirty business, this media criticism thing. You not only have to be willing to — you should pardon the expression — troll through some really nasty, crankish writing, but you also have to respond to the unreasonable with reason. I confess that on occasion I take the easy way out […]

Caitlyn, Hastert, the Pope, Yadda, Yadda… I’m All About Mouthfeel

BY ED SIKOV | So many items on the homosexual agenda this fortnight! LGBT Command Central, hidden in a secure underground chamber deep below a bar in Hell’s Kitchen — if I named it, they’d have to poison me — has been working overtime to keep us in the spotlight. First we’ve got the Dennis Hastert […]

The Art of Subversion

BY ED SIKOV | From comes a delightful tale of cyber sabotage: “ used to direct people to the Open Door Baptist Church’s webpage. Now, thanks to one clever man, visitors of the website are redirected to a very, very NSFW hardcore gay XXX site called that depicts videos of tattooed skinheads pounding each […]

Reports of Gaydar’s Demise Are Premature

BY ED SIKOV | The End of Gaydar,” Henry Alford’s recent piece in the Times, is exactly the kind of funny, smart, and well-written essay that we’ve come to expect from Alford. Just seeing his name at the top of an article puts me in a good mood. The trouble with “The End of Gaydar,” however, […]