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Stop and Frisk and the Coalition for Reform

Stop and Frisk and the Coalition for Reform

BY NATHAN RILEY | The Father’s Day march against the stop and frisk practices of the NYPD demonstrated the public’s rising skepticism about the harsh police tactics associated with the war on drugs. The coalition against stop and frisk fuses opposition to racism, the war on drugs, and illegal police searches. Harsh police tactics face […]

Hijacking the President’s Idealism on Gay Marriage

Hijacking the President’s Idealism on Gay Marriage

BY NATHAN RILEY | A great hijacking has begun to rob President Barack Obama of a narrative that credits his idealism in his support for marriage equality. One reason the hijacking gained traction is a false notion of what idealism is. Simply put, many feel that if something is heartfelt, it shouldn’t be tarnished by […]

AIDS Memorial Planning Kicks Off April 25

AIDS Memorial Planning Kicks Off April 25

BY NATHAN RILEY | Plans for an AIDS memorial at a new park in Greenwich Village –– up in the air through the winter months –– are now on track and moving at a rapid clip that will likely be finalized in mid-July. The first formal step in that process takes place on Wednesday, April […]

Amsterdam’s Relaxed Social Contract

BY NATHAN RILEY | Sidewalks in Amsterdam are for parked bicycles and pedestrians. The pattern resembles a hodge-podge — and city planners in the US might look down on it for that reason — but it is purposeful, a product, in fact, of priorities and careful decisions. And the city — or as much of […]

Broadway Weathermen Know Which Way the Wind Blows

BY NATHAN RILEY | It is not just the Wisconsin schoolteachers sparking a revival of the Democratic left; Broadway is doing its bit. Rather then outrage, humor –– often ribald –– is the chosen method. Could it be that smart people want to influence the Democrats as they begin to mobilize for the presidential election […]

The Sharp Divide Over Prostitution

BY NATHAN RILEY | Another string of vicious attacks against women — this time on Long Island — has brought prostitution back into the news, but still leaves opinion divided between the prohibitionists and those who support a harm reduction approach to the persistence of paid sex work. It’s an environment in which the Village […]

Policing Expert Hails NYC’s Success, Warns Against Over-Zealousness

BY NATHAN RILEY  |  It sounds like a Chamber of Commerce press release. Or a talking point designed to keep alive presidential speculation about one very rich mayor. In the last 20 years, New York City has experienced “the largest and longest sustained drop in street crime ever experienced by a big city in the […]

Medical Marijuana Gains Traction in New York

BY NATHAN RILEY | With little fanfare, Albany almost passed a medical marijuana bill last year. The progress on moving the measure represents a significant development, but it’s impact on the larger drive for drug reform should not be overstated. As the New York legislative session drew to a close last June, the final tweaks […]

A Progressive Call to Ardor

BY NATHAN RILEY | In the wake of their November defeat, Democrats should start kicking up some major dust and stop ceding the stage to Republicans and their theatrical politics. Democratic insurgents, to be sure, will not be demonstrating outside presidential appearances armed with assault weapons, but it is time for them to demonstrate a […]

Coming Up Roses

BY NATHAN RILEY | Something new is happening this election year, and my anxieties don’t gnaw anymore. When after the kiss and make-up, I made a contribution to Hillary Clinton to help with her debt, I felt optimistic without feeling manic. Even in defeat, I see silver linings. The Supreme Court authoritarians terminated a 32-year-old gun control […]