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How To Cook a Trump

BY DONNA MINKOWITZ | I have to say, it’s hard to write about how good food tastes when Trump is compiling weekly lists of “crimes” by immigrants. I wanted to describe for you the precise degree of crispness and umami of the chicken thigh/ fermented soybean/ potato chip appetizer at the hot new Williamsburg restaurant […]

Huddled Mass of Humanity Jams DC at Women’s March

Huddled Mass of Humanity Jams DC at Women’s March

BY EILEEN STUKANE | Women with their babies cradled in wraps, women with toddlers, pregnant women, mothers with their teen and adult daughters, women of color and of sexual diversity, females from a few months old to over 80, concerned gay and straight men — cisgender and transgender — fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, citizens from across […]

Women, Queers, and #BlackLivesMatter

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I remember a couple years ago when the marriage equality movement was taking off and every day the New York Times had reports of victories in one state, pushback in another. And people fell all over themselves to support the It Gets Better Campaign encouraging queer youth not to top themselves. We […]