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Book Expo America Storms NYC

Book Expo America Storms NYC

BY MICHAEL LUONGO | There’s no book city like New York City as two major publishing industry events — Book Expo America and its sister gathering, BookCon, both at the Javits Convention Center — demonstrated again. Held May 30 to June 3, they represented the largest gathering of book industry experts and fans in the US […]

Not the Time for a Constitutional Convention

BY NATHAN RILEY | Vote against the constitutional convention this November. The most basic reason: it is scarcely a year since Bernie Sanders showed that a resurgent left wants sweeping reforms, but babies must crawl before they can walk. The relationship among varying factions of the Democratic coalition remains strained, with many Dems still viewing Sanders […]

Democrats of New Stripes

BY NATHAN RILEY | Kiss the 1990s goodbye should be the wish of anyone who wants American politics to shift course. Democrats must overcome their fear of being labeled “too liberal, too long.” Simply put, a party made up of feminists, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, Latinos, blacks, and progressive whites can’t pretend not to be liberal. […]

Abandoning Outrage

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’ve been thinking about outrage lately, and how inadequate it is when it comes to Americans and Trump. Maybe the problem is that outrage requires some level of surprise, and, at this point, surprise seems false, even bizarre, in the face of a president who revealed himself clearly in all his […]

The Temptations of Direct Action

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Right before it happened, I’d turn on the news and watch a black or brown woman interviewing the likes of Al Sharpton, or Margarita Lopez, who was the first out Latina dyke on the New York City Council. It didn’t seem remarkable then, seeing so many women, so many people of […]

How To Cook a Trump

BY DONNA MINKOWITZ | I have to say, it’s hard to write about how good food tastes when Trump is compiling weekly lists of “crimes” by immigrants. I wanted to describe for you the precise degree of crispness and umami of the chicken thigh/ fermented soybean/ potato chip appetizer at the hot new Williamsburg restaurant […]

Poorly Educated Columbia Prof Throws Us Under the Bus

Poorly Educated Columbia Prof Throws Us Under the Bus

BY ED SIKOV | Don’t worry — this column is not about Donald Trump. Not exactly. Yes, he is the worst thing to happen to the world since anthrax. But all of the material I’d been carefully collecting about him for use in this column has been scooped up by other writers: the Mencken quote […]

Trump and All That –– A British Progressive Perspective

Trump and All That –– A British Progressive Perspective

BY PETER TATCHELL | Donald Trump rode to the White House on a wave of hate and vitriol – securing a victory for ignorance, intolerance, and incivility. He has pledged to abolish affordable Obamacare medical insurance for low and middle income Americans, ditch action against climate destruction, cut tax rates for big corporations, ban Muslim immigrants, […]

President Hillary Clinton and the Bernie Sanders Left

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton don’t see eye-to-eye on the issues, and the Vermont hot shot never says otherwise, but he is working closely with her as the Democratic Party turns its focus toward taking the Senate and slimming the Republican advantage in the House. What Sanders does say is that […]

Income and Equality on Independence Day

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Another Fourth of July, and Independence Day in the US seems especially ironic this year since Britain, the country we won our independence from, just voted to sever ties with the European Union and is already regretting it. Those who voted to leave said they didn’t like EU taxation — even though […]

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