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Izzadine Out Loud: Trans, Palestinian, And Proud

Izzadine Out Loud: Trans, Palestinian, And Proud

BY SUSIE DAY | his year, Ramadan — the ninth month of the Islamic year, in which observant Muslims fast to commemorate the revelation of the Quran — happens to coincide with most of Gay Pride Month. Quiet as it’s kept, there are uncounted numbers of queer Muslims in the gay community. One of them is […]

The Fire This Time

The Fire This Time

BY GARY M. KRAMER | The extraordinary documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” uses text from James Baldwin’s unfinished work “Remember This House,” along with archival footage ranging from the author speaking at Cambridge University to his appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show,” as the cornerstone for examining the oppression and invisibility endured by African […]

Women Rising?

Women Rising?

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’m back in France, and about the time Donald Trump was taking the oath of office in the rain, I was trapped on a bus in the dark going around in circles. That’s what it felt like anyway, going round and round traffic roundabouts in the dark countryside after being bottlenecked […]

Forward Ever, Normal Never: Taking Down Trump

BY SUSIE DAY | This dream. Something is in the house, something’s breaking, the things I love are going away. I reach for Laura, she becomes translucent, evaporates. I wake up, telling myself this dream means I’m worried about how tired and worn Laura has grown from years of activist work trying to get people […]

President Hillary Clinton and the Bernie Sanders Left

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton don’t see eye-to-eye on the issues, and the Vermont hot shot never says otherwise, but he is working closely with her as the Democratic Party turns its focus toward taking the Senate and slimming the Republican advantage in the House. What Sanders does say is that […]

Police Shoot Another Rich White Man

BY SUSIE DAY | Darien, CT — Only days before he was to enter Yale Law School, Trey Von Der Brown, 22, was mowed down behind the wheel of his powder-blue 2016 Mini Cooper convertible in a hail of police bullets. In the passenger seat, Wentworth MacFarquhar, 19, a second-year student at Yale Business School, was […]

For This Culture War Redux, Hil Yeah

For This Culture  War Redux, Hil Yeah

BY KELLY COGSWELL | In 1992, failed presidential candidate Pat Buchanan went to the Republican National Convention and declared “a religious war… a culture war… for the soul of America.” America’s enemies? Radical feminists, environmentalists, homosexuals, and people of color. Though not all of them, because praising the “brave people of Koreatown” was a good […]

After Dallas and Baton Rouge

BY NATHAN RILEY | After former soldiers have twice in recent days launched lethal attacks on police, the Republicans are testing the national civil rights coalition’s ability to turn adversity into advantage. The Democrats have Black Lives Matter, the Republicans chant “Blue Lives Matter.” In past elections, the law and order theme has won battles of […]

Anti-Queer Terrorism, What a Joke

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Listen to this. It’s hilarious. So a guy walks into a bar. A gay bar in Orlando on Latino night. He has an MCX and a 9mm — No, you haven’t heard this one before. That was a pipe bomb and New York. No, not that either. That was New Orleans and […]

Andrew Sullivan, Ever the Tory

Andrew Sullivan, Ever the Tory

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Gay writer and erstwhile blogger Andrew Sullivan, in a roughly 7,000-word cover story in New York magazine, offers an analysis of the Trump phenomenon he perhaps believes is suitably apocalyptic for his return to long-form journalism. And its title, “Our Democracy Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny,” is smartly calculated […]

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