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That’s So Gothic

That’s So Gothic

BY GARY M. KRAMER | The 30-film series “Goth(ic)” at the Metrograph in December showcases many gothic films by, for, or about the queer community. From James Whale’s “The Bride of Frankenstein,” to Ken Russell’s “Gothic,” these horror shows share a heady combination of eroticism and chills that unfold in an atmosphere of decay and degeneration, […]

Emissions Control

BY ED SIKOV | “Do not watch. I cannot go when you watch.” Fans of David Fincher’s brilliant “Fight Club” (1999, from the novel by Chuck Palahniuk) will recognize these paruretic lines delivered by Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) to the unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) as Tyler attempts to piss in the soup — a huge […]