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Trump’s Thug-Power, Or Does Anybody Still Like Woody Allen?

BY SUSIE DAY | Let’s go back to when we were all a little younger and less terrified. Obama is president. I am talking to a slightly older, white, heterosexual male, highly esteemed by the academic world and by me. I, a lesbian, admire and trust this guy. We’re catching up, talking about life, books, friends. […]

Rump, Rose, Moore, Tambor & a Monstrous “Frankenstien”

Rump, Rose, Moore, Tambor & a Monstrous “Frankenstien”

BY (((ED SIKOV))) | “Trump Risks Hypocrisy Charges with Franken Attack,” The Hill informs us. No shit, Sherlock. In fact, given Rump’s history with women accusing him of sexual predation, there is no risk at all — his Twitter attacks on Franken are pure hypocrisy — and no charges need to be filed, except maybe by […]