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Visiting Herman In The Age Of Trump

BY SUSIE DAY | This past year was good for prison activists. Those who advocated for high-profile political prisoners in the federal system celebrated when President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez, both now scheduled for release on May 17. Activists who supported less-known “social” prisoners, most serving inordinate time […]

Obama Okays Chelsea Manning’s Release in May

Obama Okays Chelsea Manning’s Release in May

BY ANDY HUMM | Chelsea Manning, the Army private convicted of leaking classified information on US military and diplomatic operations in 2010, had already served more time — almost seven years — than any whistleblower in American history. But President Barack Obama’s commutation of her sentence from 35 years to a release this May 17 […]

Transparency and Trust

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The nation’s two most significant news stories in recent weeks both underscore a critical shortcoming too big to ignore — that government, at all levels, too often fails in its obligations for transparency. Whether it’s about guaranteeing that police conduct toward those they’re sworn to protect is free of abuses or that […]