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Doug Jones and the Democratic Coalition

Doug Jones and the Democratic Coalition

BY NATHAN RILEY | Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama Senate race was a thrill — the biggest Democratic victory since Donald Trump’s election. Black votes surged, demoralized Republicans stayed home, independents supported him. A dream turned plausible: that in 11 months, the 2018 election will bring a wave of support for Democrats. But what kind […]

Schocks and Sham(e)s

BY ED SIKOV | Schock and Awwww: Politico’s lede on a recent follow-up to the story of the disgraced and definitely not gay — no, no, anything but gay! — Congressmember Aaron Schock says it all: “Dateline: Springfield, Ill. — The Paul Findley Federal Building and Courthouse here might as well have been the site of […]