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Faith and Absolution

Faith and Absolution

BY STEVE ERICKSON | People commonly say that the dividing line between art and entertainment is that only the former is challenging. But what exactly that means is up for debate: the books of Jane Austen and films of Howard Hawks certainly count as art, but there’s nothing particularly difficult about “Sense and Sensibility” or “His […]

State of the Queer World

BY KELLY COGSWELL | This week, anyway, it seems that the world is lurching closer to acknowledging that we LGBT people deserve basic human rights and maybe even, the full rights of adult citizens. On April 7, the high court of Colombia ruled that same-sex couples could marry. About the same time, the United Nations released […]

Why I Am Visiting Israel

BY BOROUGH PRESIDENT RUBEN DIAZ JR. | The people of the United States have stood strong with the people of Israel from the day that country was founded in 1947. As the only democracy in the Middle East, and as our key ally in the fight against terrorism, Israel holds a special place in the hearts […]