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When Life Is Skeevier than Art

BY ED SIKOV | “Netflix dumps Kevin Spacey from ‘House of Cards,’” the Entertainment Weekly headline announced. The article, by Derek Lawrence, went on to summarize the nasty but delicious story, which broke on BuzzFeed. (Oh, come on! Don’t tell me your outrage isn’t tempered by even a teensy-weensy bit of pure delight. It’s a […]

Genre Bender

Genre Bender

  BY DAVID KENNERLEY | Mention the name Charles Ludlam, even to New York theater junkies, and you’re likely to be met with blank stares. When you give hints about his trademarks — cross-dressing, elaborate costumes, campy parody of noir Hollywood films, zany plot twists, double entendres — you’re likely to get, “Oh, you mean Charles […]