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That Word — Over and Over and Over Again

BY ED SIKOV | I have never seen or heard the word “shithole” more in my life than I have since January 11. Not only was that the day I turned 61, but it was also the day that Rump — in a marvelous prelude to Martin Luther King Day — employed the word to describe […]

Turning the Other Cheek and Adjusting His Crown

BY ED SIKOV | Here’s your feel-good story of the week, which I first found in, of all places, the New York Post: “Transgender teen booted from Christian school is named homecoming king.” Written by Alexandra Klausner, this heartwarming item concerns a boy named Stiles Zuschlag, of Lebanon, Maine, who “took the crown Friday at Noble […]

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nowhere Left to Pee

BY ED SIKOV | “Religious freedom” is the putative goal of Mississippi’s vicious new anti-LGBT law, which passed on the heels of North Carolina’s blatantly discriminatory new hate-LGBT legislation. As Ian Millhiser of Think Progress writes, “The Mississippi law… explicitly singles out LGBT people ‘for disfavored legal status’” — the term used by Supreme Court Justice […]

The Viral Infection Sapping Journalism’s Lifeblood

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | “We assume a certain level of sophistication and skepticism of our readers,” said John Cook, editor in chief of Gawker, according to a December 10 article in the New York Times. In an increasingly dumbed-down media world, it’s refreshing to hear a leading industry figure speak up for the intelligence of his […]