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Sessions’ New Asylum Posture & LGBTQ Refugees

Sessions’ New Asylum Posture & LGBTQ Refugees

BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD | Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued an opinion toughening the standards for granting asylum to persons seeking to live in the US based on the claim they fled their home country because of persecution. The focus of Sessions’ June 11 opinion was cases where women seek asylum based on past […]

LGBTQ Immigrants: Heroes Among Us — If They Can Get Here

BY SEBASTIAN MAGUIRE | I am generally loath to praise our country’s dysfunctional immigration system. Both immigrants and their advocates can readily attest to the Kafkaesque frustrations of dealing with mindless bureaucrats and heartless policymakers. A shining exception to my general attitude is asylum. Since 1994, when Attorney General Janet Reno issued a decision recognizing […]