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Democrats of New Stripes

BY NATHAN RILEY | Kiss the 1990s goodbye should be the wish of anyone who wants American politics to shift course. Democrats must overcome their fear of being labeled “too liberal, too long.” Simply put, a party made up of feminists, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, Latinos, blacks, and progressive whites can’t pretend not to be liberal. […]


December 4, 2013 To the Editor: Thank you for this very sweet, nostalgic story, seeing J.F.K.’s killing from the eyes of a nine-year-old (“That Sad Thanksgiving,” by Paul Schindler, Nov. 27). I was 16 that year and a senior at Savannah High School. It was the year that my high school, the largest high school […]

That Sad Thanksgiving

That Sad Thanksgiving

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | I was just days shy of nine years old that Thanksgiving Day. Much later I read Melville’s line about the “damp, drizzly November in my soul,” but Thanksgiving’s almost always carved out a warm place in my heart. A long weekend. None of Christmas’ ups and downs. And as I’ve grown older, […]