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The Temptations of Direct Action

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Right before it happened, I’d turn on the news and watch a black or brown woman interviewing the likes of Al Sharpton, or Margarita Lopez, who was the first out Latina dyke on the New York City Council. It didn’t seem remarkable then, seeing so many women, so many people of […]

In Orlando’s Wake, Outpouring on Pride Sunday

In Orlando’s Wake, Outpouring on Pride Sunday

BY ANDY HUMM | The Orlando massacre of June 12 could well have cast a pall over LGBT pride celebrations across the country, giving us pause about parading down the street when there are those out there who wish us harm. Instead, the community and our allies were defiant, coming out in palpably greater numbers […]

Our Veterans –– Daring to Serve

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | It’s the crack of dawn on Veteran’s Day, and Denny Meyer is probably pinning on his medals and getting ready to come to Manhattan for the parade. He’s a short dumpling of a guy with a mustache and a bad back. Words burst out of his mouth when he talks. […]

The Torch Has Been Passed

The Torch Has Been Passed

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In what many — though certainly not all — in the LGBT community will judge a bittersweet political moment, the first viable out gay candidate for mayor fell well short on September 10, even as three gay newcomers were elected to the City Council. Two came from boroughs never before represented by […]

The Secret of Power

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | City Council Speaker Christine Quinn finally tossed her hat in the ring and came out as a candidate for New York’s top job. It’s a big deal. She’d be the first female mayor, not to mention the first dyke, in Gracie Mansion. It’s astounding that she’s gotten this far. Being the first […]