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A Stain on Our Democracy

A Stain on Our Democracy

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | As Tuesday evening’s slowly unfolding nightmare began to move into higher gear, my friend Analisa in Chicago posted on Facebook, “Are men really that afraid of women?” And it suddenly hit me. Over the past several years – indeed, through eight years of the right wing’s fanatical hatred of President Barack […]

Election 2016: Misogyny and the Audacity of Plans

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I haven’t written anything about the election yet. Hillary Clinton is running again, and there’s so much misogyny involved I can’t stand it. And sheer idiocy. My God, whole crowds willing to swallow any crazy thing their candidate promises — whether it’s Trump vowing he’ll throw out immigrants or end gay […]

Inequality Addicts

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | Last week, The New York Times broke the unsurprising news that Christine Quinn’s electoral disaster may have been more than rejection of her politics, but of Quinn herself — her female screech and high-pitched voice, the childlessness supposedly antagonistic to families, her unfeminine pushiness and goshdang dykey masculinity no man wants to stare […]