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The Worst Elements Trump Just Can’t Quit

BY NATHAN RILEY | In raising the alarm about the threat of Islamist terrorism, President Donald Trump had perhaps no more potent symbol of its randomness than images of vehicles plowing into unsuspecting innocent crowds in Western European cities. But the terrorist incident that struck Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend was not the work of […]

Forward Ever, Normal Never: Taking Down Trump

BY SUSIE DAY | This dream. Something is in the house, something’s breaking, the things I love are going away. I reach for Laura, she becomes translucent, evaporates. I wake up, telling myself this dream means I’m worried about how tired and worn Laura has grown from years of activist work trying to get people […]

Will Sochi Haunt the Olympic Movement?

Will Sochi Haunt the Olympic Movement?

BY EMMANUELLE SCHICK | A few years ago, red flags were raised when a Russian judge ruled that Pride House, a non-profit organization supporting LGBT athletes, would be banned from the Sochi Olympics. It was the first time such an organization had been blocked by Russian officials. The judge went a step further and labelled Pride […]