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No New Money, No New Ideas in Trump’s Opioid Response

No New Money, No New Ideas in Trump’s Opioid Response

BY NATHAN RILEY | Donald Trump’s declaration of a public health emergency to end the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths wraps itself in virtue, but avoids the burning question about the nation’s drug policy: What works? During the 1990s, Switzerland and Portugal were among the nations that experienced the growth in opioid use seen here in […]

The Root of Chump’s Lies

BY ED SIKOV | During the grotesque period between Chump’s election and inauguration, one of the things with which those of us with our minds still intact consoled ourselves was the conviction that we would be able to stop the “normalization” of Chumpism — the idea that somehow we could, through sheer force of will, […]

The Anti-LGBTQ Siege Begins in Earnest

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The LGBTQ community never had any illusions about Donald Trump. Despite the billionaire TV celebrity having lived in Manhattan his entire adult life and mainstream media suggestions that he is the friendliest Republican president to date, we had his number from the start. That’s why only 14 percent of us gave […]

Bogus Talk About Boutiques and Biology

BY ED SIKOV | A boutique is where you buy “artisan pantyhose,” we are – thankfully – reminded. “On TV, a commentator speculated that Mrs. Clinton had lost because of her party’s focus on things like trans rights —‘boutique issues,’ they were called. A boutique — a place where you’d shop for, say, artisan pantyhose […]

President Trump?

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Well, I won’t do that again. Not without a lot more alcohol down the hatch. But I did it. I watched the first Trump-Clinton debate. I will summarize it for you as a rational, mostly truthful woman answering the moderator’s questions on one side, and on the other a shrieky, red-faced man […]

From Ohio, New Evidence of Drug War’s Failure

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bad news for drug warriors continues to escalate, making defenders of the current policy approach look intellectually shabby. Elephant tranquilizers dealt the latest blow to the American strategy of drug interdiction. According to the New York Times, 200 overdoses and “several” deaths have occurred over recent weeks in the Cincinnati area. Police […]

Five Months After Raid, Owner Indicted

Five Months After Raid, Owner Indicted

  BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | After what appeared to be months of plea negotiations, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York has indicted the owner of for promoting prostitution, facilitating a crime by a person under 16, and on two counts of violating a federal money laundering statute. “It’s a crazy and […]

The Keeper

The Keeper

BY CHRISTOPHER MURRAY | Most every morning throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, he walked into the very epicenter of the AIDS epidemic in the heart of Greenwich Village. He was the head gardener of the many bulletin boards where a Help Wanted notice for a poodle stylist might jockey for position with a call for submissions to […]

Against Gay Human Rights in Africa… Or, Activists Are Always Wrong

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Activists are always being told to shut up, sit down, go away — by people in their own movements. “Honey catches more flies than vinegar,” they say. Or, “The patient dog eats the fattest bone.” The specter of backlash is also raised, as if the black activist were responsible for racism. As […]

Oh, Gimme a (Bathroom) Break!

Oh, Gimme a (Bathroom) Break!

BY ED SIKOV | Civil rights in Houston went down the toilet –– excuse me, that was vulgar; I meant to write the commode –– on Election Day when voters resoundingly overturned an ordinance that prohibited discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment, and public accommodation. The ordinance had been passed by Houston’s City Council […]

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