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Outing Torture Queen Bikowsky

BY SUSIE DAY | Dear Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, So many people want to be famous. Not you. You were content to let Jessica Chastain portray a more competent version of your waterboarding and bin Laden-stalking self in the film “Zero Dark Thirty.” You never asked for credit. But now, thanks to the Senate Select Intelligence […]

Bradley Manning and the State of Our Republic

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bradley Manning is an American hero who against great odds and without regard to his personal safety defied US secrecy laws. In recent months, his actions have increasingly been viewed in a more favorable light. By the end of July, in a sudden change of direction, Congress investigated the National Security Agency […]

A Tortured Rationale

A Tortured Rationale

BY STEVE ERICKSON | Lately, Kathryn Bigelow has seemed drawn to political subjects, but not to partisan politics. This served her on “The Hurt Locker,” an Iraq War film calculated not to take a stand on the conflict’s merits. Despite Bigelow’s strenuous efforts at keeping the film apolitical, some veterans complained of its inaccuracy, and […]