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White Man’s Burden: A Dialogue on Race & Resistance

White Man’s Burden:  A Dialogue on Race & Resistance

BY PAUL SCHINDLER AND CLARENCE PATTON | Last week, Gay City News reached out to Clarence Patton — a longtime African-American gay leader and former executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project who now heads up the Pipeline Project and Pipeline Consulting — asking him to write about President Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comment […]

Trump’s Craven Cowardice Is America’s Shame

Trump’s Craven Cowardice Is America’s Shame

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | It hardly seems possible that after two years in national politics and a half-dozen years since he pulled his Obama birther outrage that Donald Trump can still shock us. And yet he can and does, with wearying regularity. Just a week ago, the focus of our alarm was his bellicosity toward North […]

Bogus Talk About Boutiques and Biology

BY ED SIKOV | A boutique is where you buy “artisan pantyhose,” we are – thankfully – reminded. “On TV, a commentator speculated that Mrs. Clinton had lost because of her party’s focus on things like trans rights —‘boutique issues,’ they were called. A boutique — a place where you’d shop for, say, artisan pantyhose […]

Trump Tower’s Troubling Shadow

Trump Tower’s Troubling Shadow

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Not that it should surprise anyone, but President-elect Donald Trump is off to a disquieting start, one that offers little comfort — other than a few cheap words, “And I mean everyone,” in his YouTube infomercial this week — that he truly aims to unite the entire country. Let’s look at […]

Punching Down

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Though much of the news media has rightly taken note of Donald Trump’s ability to surge to the top of the Republican presidential field without filling in more than a bumper sticker’s worth of detail about his many far-flung policy pronouncements, there is a grudging — though, to me, disturbing — respect […]

“Suffragettes,” Women, and Slaves

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Just this week, the makers of the film “Suffragettes” were slammed as colonialists and racists for daring to compare the condition of women with that of slaves, not just by using Emmeline Pankhurst’s phrase “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” in the script, but also plastering it on promotional T-shirts […]