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Radical Visions, Tangible Wins

Radical Visions, Tangible Wins

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | Historian Martin Duberman asks a provocative question in his soon to be released book, “Has the Gay Movement Failed?” To use the construct that Duberman employs in exploring this question, which is that broadly speaking the movement is divided between radicals, as represented by the early 1970s Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and […]

Why I Chose To Be Gay

BY DAVID EHRENSTEIN | Yes, you read that right. And yes, I’m quite aware of what those words imply. It’s 2017 and the notion that sexual orientation is anything other than innate is understood in American culture — and widely accepted in much of the “civilized” world as well. But said acceptance has arrived only […]

Heritage of Pride Accedes to Resistance Groups’ Demand

Heritage of Pride Accedes to Resistance Groups’ Demand

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | The organization that produces New York City’s pride parade, rally, and related events has agreed to allow groups eager to confront the Republican Party’s control of the federal government near the front of the June 25 pride parade. “I’m extremely proud of the people who came out to raise their voices about […]

The Death of the Queer Community?

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Every now and then, I howl in grief at the demise of queer activism, the closing of queer bars and bookstores, the erasure of LGBT history, and the industrialization of our movement. Like others, I wonder if approaching legal equality and social acceptance spell the end of the LGBT community. Not […]

Activism in Sepia: Lost Community

BY KELLY COGSWELL : It’s Black History Month again and time to celebrate the sepia-toned accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Watch TV, you’ll learn it didn’t really take much work, just a lot of outrage at inequality and the overwhelming desire for liberty, justice, and a long, pain-free life. God, […]