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Honoring Marsha P. Johnson

Honoring Marsha P. Johnson

PHOTO ESSAY BY DONNA ACETO | Twenty-five years ago this summer, Marsha P. Johnson, a trans icon whose central role in the Stonewall Rebellion was chronicled in historian David Carter’s definitive 2004 book about the 1969 uprising, was remembered in a July 27 memorial on the Christopher Street Pier. Johnson, who with friend and fellow activist […]

Storifying Stonewall

Storifying Stonewall

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’m not surprised that the director of the new movie “Stonewall” sidelined the butches and drag queens of color for a hero who was gay and white and male and so macho that nobody was gonna be checking his trousers to see if he had all the equipment promised by that pale […]

Read the Riot Act to “Stonewall”?

BY ED SIKOV | We’re at each other’s throats again. It happens, as John Wayne’s character says in my favorite western, “The Searchers,” “just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.” Trans folks are up in arms against gay men, white people are angry at people of color, and this time — absurdly — it’s […]

Death by Gender: Leelah Alcorn

BY KELLY COGSWELL |  When I try to think about gender, I have to go lie down with smelling salts, my head swirling with all the complications that we pull on like clothes over our biological sex. Even if you stick to binary territory, gender expression is constantly shifting. A big-haired, white trash girl like […]

A Canadian Breakthrough on Sex Work Sanctions and Safety

BY NATHAN RILEY | In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada has decriminalized prostitution, making that nation the second to go this route. The court’s December 20 decision relied heavily on social science data introduced into evidence that found the safety of sex workers is best protected by allowing them to conduct business in […]