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Uneasy Listening

Uneasy Listening

BY STEVE ERICKSON | “Love and Light,” the opening track on transfemme singer/ producer Lotic’s debut album “Power,” takes a blissful music box-style melody played on bright, trebly synthesizers that could’ve come off a New Age record and develops it by layering much noisier sounds on top of it. The title track returns to a […]

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Life Matters  

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Life Matters  

BY DAVID EHRENSTEIN | “The girl with the long dreads lived in a house with a man, a Howard professor, who was married to a white woman. The Howard professor slept with men. His wife slept with women. And the two of them slept with each other. They had a little boy who must be off […]

Women, Queers, and #BlackLivesMatter

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I remember a couple years ago when the marriage equality movement was taking off and every day the New York Times had reports of victories in one state, pushback in another. And people fell all over themselves to support the It Gets Better Campaign encouraging queer youth not to top themselves. We […]

In Bad Repair: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Zeitgeist

BY SUSIE DAY | It isn’t often a marginalized countercultural journalist such as myself gets to interview America’s Mr. Big. But finally they let me in to see Mr. Zeitgeist. Like most of us, Mr. Zeitgeist comes from immigrant stock. His name combines the German words for “time” (zeit) with “spirit” (geist).” Mr. Zeitgeist is, indeed, […]

Dusting Off Identity Politics

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Last week, yet another person told me that identity politics was dead. “Sure, as a strategy, it was okay for our generation, helped us get a lot done from AIDS to marriage, but the young ones aren’t into labels. They use ‘queer’ or whatever. Don’t see the need for L-G-B-T at […]

Excepting the Anti-Family Jesus

BY KELLY JEAN COGSWELL | Despite our victories — probably because of them — Pride seems more and more like a kind of queer Thanksgiving, with too much talk about family as we celebrate new gains protecting lesbian and gay ones via marriage, immigration equality, and adoption. While I’m glad for the legal progress, it’s worth […]