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Pope Breaks With Other Old Guys

BY ED SIKOV | Dateline Rome: “A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse has said that Pope Francis told him in a private meeting this month that God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way, a remarkable expression of inclusion for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. […]

May You Live in Predictable Times

BY ED SIKOV | “During his election campaign, Donald Trump claimed he was ‘better for the gay community’ than Hillary Clinton. He even stated in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in August that he would protect ‘our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.’ This is the opening […]

Bringing Back Those Loyalty Oaths

BY BRUCE KOGAN | The biggest reason I supported Hillary Clinton in the election was her commitment to LGBT rights across the globe. President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state created the first administration to support our rights to simply be in the world. Obama and Clinton never wavered on that. I think we […]

GOP to Gays: Drop Dead

GOP to Gays: Drop Dead

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | With Donald Trump a year into his presidential bid, this should come as no big surprise, but on LGBT rights, he is a fraud! On issue after issue, he has employed a dizzying combination of hyperbole, exaggerations, outright misstatements, even lies, changed and abandoned positions, and contradictory ideas – those last often […]

Protesters Target Trump Tower, Evangelicals Meeting With Him

Protesters Target Trump Tower, Evangelicals Meeting With Him

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | Chanting “Silence equals death, fuck the NRA” and “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Donald Trump go away,” some 200 people joined a protest held at Trump Tower to counter the rhetoric that the presumptive Republican nominee for president has used to attack Muslims, Mexicans, and other groups. “We’re tired of the bigotry and hatred […]

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing I Can Do

Planet Earth Is Blue And There’s Nothing I Can Do

BY ED SIKOV | Still getting zilch interest in the mainstream press: From Miranda Blue of Right Wing Watch: “In yet another example of what the Religious Right’s recent focus on ‘religious liberty’ is really about, five Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to speak this weekend [January 16] at a ‘religious freedom’ event hosted by a […]

Schocks and Sham(e)s

BY ED SIKOV | Schock and Awwww: Politico’s lede on a recent follow-up to the story of the disgraced and definitely not gay — no, no, anything but gay! — Congressmember Aaron Schock says it all: “Dateline: Springfield, Ill. — The Paul Findley Federal Building and Courthouse here might as well have been the site of […]

Crackpots in Santa Suits

BY ED SIKOV | Pink News out of the UK reports that “the anti-gay Catholic League has mocked gay designer Tom Ford for launching a range of penis-themed pendants in the shape of a cross.” The article goes on: “The fashion designer launched the $790 designer pendants this week –– which are available in gold […]

Crackpots — The Alley’s Lousy With ‘Em

BY ED SIKOV | More from the inane and appalling front: Charla de la mierda: Spanish Senator Luz Elena Sanín recently claimed the country’s economic problems were caused by “subsidies for NGOs and homosexuals” — you know that latter term; NGOs are non-governmental organizations, what we usually call non-profits. A member of the ruling Populist […]

In New York, Mississippi Governor Confronted on Anti-Gay Law

In New York, Mississippi Governor Confronted on Anti-Gay Law

BY ANDY HUMM | Todd Allen, a gay activist who has lived in Mississippi since 1965, drove all the way to New York City to confront his state’s governor, Phil Bryant, who signed the kind of anti-gay “religious freedom” legislation that even right-wing Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona vetoed earlier this year. The Mississippi law, […]

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