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Animating the Mythology of High School

Animating the Mythology of High School

BY STEVE ERICKSON | Cartoonist, writer, and director Dash Shaw’s “My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea” is a complete delight, but it works almost entirely on the level of style. A takeoff on ‘80s teen movies, it dramatizes Dash’s own adolescence in animated form, elevating it to apocalyptic form. Yet all but a […]

Thanksgiving Stinks & the Kitchen Sink

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Yeah, we all know it. Despite the sea of Beaujolais Nouveau and 12 kinds of pie, Thanksgiving stinks for a lot of people. Though props to you queers who have everything lining up nicely on the health and wealth side of things and somehow escape the usual family trauma served up hot […]