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Wedding & NewFest Centerpiece All in One Month!

Jordan Geiger and Anthony Johnston at the Topaz on Wedding Day. | ANDY HUMM

BY ANDY HUMM | The wedding of photographer and filmmaker Jordan Geiger and actor and writer Anthony Johnston was celebrated October 9 at the Topaz, a cocktail bar in Bushwick, with Geiger’s family in from Denver, Johnston’s in from Canada, and friends traveling from as far away as London and Manhattan.

The ceremony was  presided over by Alan Cumming, who stars in the film “After Louie” that also features Johnston who co-wrote it with director Vincent Gagliostro. Cumming plays an aging, angry ACT UP activist in the film, which is getting its New York premiere on October 22 as a Centerpiece at NewFest. Fortunately for the newlyweds, the Topaz held about a ton of love wishing the two well on their journey.

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