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Committed to the End

Committed to the End

BY MICHAEL SHIREY | The sun shined brightly on May 17 as more than 30,000 walkers marched for the 30th annual AIDS Walk New York, the 10-kilometer trek through Central Park that supports the work of Gay Men’s Health Crisis and other local HIV/ AIDS service organizations. According to a GMHC press release, nearly $4.9 million […]

Take A Hike

BY WINNIE McCROY  |  It was about ten years ago when, wanting to make a few new friends, Stacey Morris headed to the LGBT Community Center for an Open House introduction to its services and to the organizations that meet there. Morris never considered herself an “outdoorsy” type, but she did enjoy hiking as well […]

Double Lives Gays Lead in Baghdad

BY MICHAEL T. LUONGO  |  Third in a Four-Part Series  |  Hassan mistakenly thought I had a sexual fetish about Saddam Hussein. I made an offhand comment about Iraqi policemen’s 1970s San Francisco clone moustaches — the kind sported by the dictator. Hassan held one hand up high, clenched in a tight fist, suggesting the […]

Our Man In Baghdad

BY MICHAEL T. LUONGO  |  He had the innocent look of a blond cherub, his hand twisted upright toward me as he lay asleep, his torso thrown over the scratch-graffiti surface of the wood table. His soft white palm was empty now, but I knew that only days before it had tightly grasped a rifle. […]