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LGBTQ Rights in the Bronx — Then and Now

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | Having been the lead lobbyist for the Gay Rights bill in the early 1970s, I got to know city councilmembers from the Bronx very well — and we received a decidedly mixed reception from them. The fate of our bill was originally in the hands of the longtime chair of the Council’s […]

The Enemies of Progressive Change Within

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | There he goes again. For those of us brave enough to challenge the status quo, one Richard Socarides keeps popping up to scare us, while promoting his own self-interest. As some of you know, Socarides worked in the Clinton White House as special assistant; in 1996 he wrote talking points that the […]

In Remembrance, Appreciation & Undiminished Determination

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | Gay New York has lost two giants. On May 12, longtime lesbian activist Adelaide Connaughton unexpectedly passed away. Adelaide worked to elect many LGBTQ people to office and also worked to elect our straight allies. She was the founding vice president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and remained in that […]

What Are Judicial Delegates, and Why Should I Care?

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | On Primary Day, September 13, voters get the opportunity to choose judicial delegates — elected posts that precious few people know about. Despite this obscurity, these delegates play a pivotal role in electing State Supreme Court justices whose decisions affect all of us. Back in the old days, Manhattan reformers battled Bronx […]

Can Ariel Palitz Trump Susan Stetzer, Teri Cude?

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | For too long, self-serving members of two Lower Manhattan community boards have drained our city’s neighborhoods of their lifeblood and vitality through a sustained war on nightlife. Finally, we are beginning to turn the tide. A new Office of Nightlife created by City Council legislation and introduced by the well-regarded Brooklyn Councilmember […]