Data Trafficking

In a packed house at St. Mark's Church on January 19, a large, cropped portrait of an ear in extreme close-up hung above the altar, a striking signifier of things to come in Richard Siegal's "As if Stranger," presented by Danspace Project. Comment

Off the Grid

A new civilization of gallery life has sprung up in the immediate vicinity of the New Museum on the Bowery and along the blocks east of Ludlow Street. Reminiscent of the East Village scene of the '80s, the current gentrification, somewhat less funky, makes a viable alternative to the architectural statement of mega-galleries hugging the Hudson in Chelsea. There is a "back to the roots" feeling about the spaces and a cottage industry look of an earlier time about the art being shown. Comments (1)

The Force of Absence

The neck, anatomically speaking, is the part of the body that connects or distinguishes the head from the torso. It may be simplistic, but if one compartmentalizes, thought occurs in the head and feeling occurs somewhere else in the body. Debra Baxter points to the region that serves as a conduit or link between the two. Comment

One Remarkable Host

The billing for the January 16 concert initially promised a trio - Dutch drummer Han Bennink making one of his cross-Atlantic forays to play in trio with trumpeter Dave Douglas and bassist Eric Revis. The possibilities for such an intimate gathering were delicious but it was not to be. For upon entering Club Midway, there were far more than three people on stage and thoughts of a quiet introspective evening - yes, Bennink, though a raucous European dynamo, is more than capable of that - were dashed. Joining Bennink and Douglas were alto saxophonist John Zorn, tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin, trombonist Luis Bonilla, and Matt Penman, subbing for Revis. Comment

On the Stick

Westchester native J. David Jackson, educated at Amherst College and Baltimore's Peabody School of Music, is an affable, confident assistant conductor at the Metropolitan Opera. He has led operas at major theaters and festivals in Europe and the United States, led several world premieres, including Lewis Spratlan's Pulitzer Prize-winning "Life is a Dream," and is also a working composer. Comment

Landslide for Lane

Politics, as anyone with access to a newspaper or television knows only too well, is a very, very messy business. A combination of naked aggression, manipulation, ego run rampant, and cynicism tricked out as humanity, this most ancient of arts is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. The depressing and tawdry circus of the current, seemingly interminable primary season could make one laugh - if it didn't so often make one want to cry. Comment

Big Fish, Little Mermaid

"How Does the Show Go On: An Introduction to the Theater" is a captivating, informative book - great for kids and adults alike - written by someone who really knows his stuff, Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Group. Comment

No Mere Breadcrumbs

Lush orchestration, house-filling voices make up for doggerel translation. Comment

Meeting Mother Earth

By: JOE FYFE Comment


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