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Poignant Coming Out Story Returns

Playwright and actor Jeffrey Solomon brings his semi-autobiographical play “MotherSON,” which premiered at the HERE Arts Center in Soho more than a decade ago, back to Manhattan for five shows beginning January 8. Comment

Hash Blues

“Police, Adjective” is an unusual film, centered on concerns shoved aside by most cinema — boredom and linguistics. It also crossbreeds art cinema — with its slow pacing, long takes, and long shots — with the policier. Comment

Friend to the End

A heartfelt documentary, “Old Partner” chronicles the bittersweet relationship between 79-year-old Choi and his 40-year-old ox in South Korea. The ox has, Choi’s wife says, “met the right master.” And it soon becomes clear that Choi cares more for his animal than he does his spouse. Given that she hectors him to stop working and complains constantly and bitterly about her unlucky lot in life, perhaps this is not surprising. Comment

Travails Of “Hoffmann”

The Met’s “Contes d’Hoffmann” (December 7) proved a major disappointment, though not for the reason many cited — the virtual disappearance of the originally announced star quartet, prime players in Peter Gelb’s future plans (Rolando Villazon, Anna Netrebko, Rene Pape, and Elina Garanca). That was unfortunate, though Olympia always seemed a dubious prospect for Netrebko at this point. Comment

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

As Kate Monster says in “Avenue Q,” “Well, it’s a touchy subject… You should be much more careful when you’re talking about the sensitive subject of race.” Comment

Santa Baby

You’ll have to forgive me for initially thinking “Santa Claus is Coming Out” was another in the long string of sophomoric holiday shows that grace Off- and Off-Off Broadway this time of year. You know, the kind of show that for a cheap laugh or two allows an audience to revel in Yuletide irony. That’s usually good for a “Ho Ho Ho” or two, but irony is seldom sustainable for an entire evening. Comment


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