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Election Pitfall: Hating on Hillbillies

All I want for Christmas is for our presidential candidates to be struck dumb for a week or two, maybe even through the Republican primary votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Imagine Newt and Mitt, Ron and Michele, their mouths opening and closing like fish. Getting all red-faced and frustrated when nothing comes out. And while I’m at it, let’s silence the pundits, too. And the screeching partisans indulging in bitterness and fury, sneering and hate. Comment

The Stakes in 2012

We are entering a new presidential election year, and the mood in the country is sour. Among progressives, it has over and over been repeated that we are disappointed. Comment

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I’ll probably die of cancer of some girly part, like tits or crotch, with Loki, the trickster god looking on and snickering at the irony, because I preach so often that it’s usually the ticker or lungs that gets women just like for men. Comment

Shameful and Facetious Responses to False Arrests

A November 18 ruling from a unanimous three-judge panel of the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals continued a nearly three-year pattern in which elected officials, law enforcement authorities, and now the federal courts have responded both shamefully and facetiously to clear evidence that the New York City Police Department engaged in a witch hunt against gay men in adult video stores, arresting them on false charges of prostitution as pretext for bringing legal action against the establishments themselves. Comment
Guest Perspective

Confessions of a Pinkwasher 

The New York Times recently dedicated precious space to the follies of Israel’s public relations. Comment

Obama Steps Up Global AIDS Commitment

In an address to a World AIDS Day gathering titled “The Beginning of the End of AIDS,” President Barack Obama pledged that the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which funds US efforts to battle the global epidemic, would bring an additional six million people into treatment by the end of 2013 –– an achievement he said was two million people more than the original goal. Comment
From the Editor

Paula Ettelbrick, a Renaissance Woman Among LGBT Leaders, Dies at 56

Paula Ettelbrick, an attorney who brought an uncompromisingly feminist perspective to policy and social justice advocacy in leadership roles at half a dozen top LGBT organizations, died on the morning of October 7, after battling cancer for the past year. She had turned 56 just five days earlier. Comment


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