Post-Pride: A Potpouri of Crazies

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I thought I would close off what was by any reasonable measure an enormously successful Pride Month with a veritable smorgasbord of wack-jobs — those perverted morons who looked at millions of joyous LGBTQ celebrants and saw nothing but a sea of sin. First up: Breitbart, the premiere go-to source for right-wing crankery:

“Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Hoboken celebrated a special ‘Pride Mass’ on Sunday, highlighting a growing rift among the Catholic community over homosexual­ity,” the story begins. “Despite the Catholic Church’s condemnation of homosexual activity, local media reported, the Pride Mass signifies an acknowledgement of dramatically shifting views, not only within the Catholic community but Hoboken itself.”

So far so good, right? Ah, but as our dear departed Karen Carpenter sang, “We’ve only just begun.”

After some obligatory nods to liberal Catholics, the author of the piece, one Thomas D. Williams, PhD, moves on to quote the (literally) sainted Pope John Paul II: “Other Catholics recalled how Saint John Paul II reacted to the first gay pride parade organized in Rome in the year 2000. ‘In the name of the Church of Rome, I cannot refrain from expressing bitterness for the affront to the Grand Jubilee of the year 2000 and for the offense to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of Catholics across the world,’ the pope told the faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square. ‘Homosexual acts go against natural law. The Church cannot silence the truth because it would not live up to its faith in God the creator and would not help discern what is good from what is evil,’ the pope said. The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual activity is intrinsically evil,” Williams adds, noting that “Sacred Scripture underscores the ‘grave depravity’ of homosexual acts.”

“Dr.” Williams is on a roll: “Saint Paul, who wrote of those whose ‘glory is in their shame,’ denounced the way people the people of his day abandoned themselves to their ‘shameful lusts’ in reference to homosexuality. ‘Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones,’ he said, while ‘the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.’”

Saint Paul, by far the crabbiest of the early church founders, was never known for his liberalism, and his condemnation of homosexuality stands in marked contrast to Jesus’ words on the subject, which is to say that Jesus had nothing to say about it at all. Oh, wait! There was that one little thing about throwing the first stone…

Moving right along, we head over to LifeSite News for this remarkable headline and story: “LGBT ‘pride’ parade advocates say children like to see ‘nakedness’ and ‘kink.’” Of course they do! Porky Pig wears no pants, Bugs Bunny is entirely naked, and Yosemite Sam is obviously a frustrated sadist with masochistic tendencies. (How many times does he attempt to shoot the Road Runner only to have his gun blow up in his face? If he didn’t like it, he’d obviously stop doing it.)

LifeSites’ Martin M. Barillas begins his screed with a bang: “A sex therapist claims she cannot imagine ‘a safer place for families to bring children’ than an LGBTQ ‘pride’ celebration. According to HuffPost Canada, Pega Ren brought her grandchildren to a homosexual ‘pride’ parade in British Columbia. When asked about the appropriateness of children participating in the LGBTQ event, she said, ‘I can’t imagine a safer place for families to bring children.’ Pride parades in Canada and around the world feature not only public nudity and sex acts, but also various other forms of perversion and deviance on display,” Barillas notes helpfully.

“While even within LGBTQ circles there has been debate over whether or not children should be exposed to displays of adult nudity and sexuality, HuffPost quoted a retired sexual diversity professor, David Rayside of the University of Toronto, who said, ‘Pride has always had a kind of outrageous edge to it. And should we alter that? It is not the Santa Claus parade, and it never was. It shouldn’t be. It can’t be.’ Rayside said it is ‘important for parents to bring their kids’ to ‘pride’ celebrations, adding that he has never seen people ‘fuss about what they see there.’”

To be clear, not to mention accurate, Rayside was in the Political Science Department, where he developed a sexual diversity curriculum.

“According to HuffPost Canada, sex therapist Ren believes that children somehow benefit from seeing ‘people loving one another, from seeing diversity and inclusion,’” Barillas wrote.

I love the “somehow.”

Barillas continued on his merry way, leading eventually to… well you’ll see: “In contrast, pediatrician and child welfare advocate Dr. Michelle Cretella responded to LifeSiteNews, noting via email: ‘We know from decades of research on the impact of all forms of media [books, radio, TV, internet etc etc [sic]] on children that they will act out what they see and hear.’ Dr. Cretella is the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. Saying this is true of sex, violence, and substance abuse, Cretella wrote: ‘Parents should no more take their children to a Pride parade than they should sit them down to watch pornography...’ Cretella asserted that a ‘segment of the LGBQT [sic] movement has long wanted the normalization of pedophilia as an inborn sexual orientation. The National Man Boy Love Association still exists.’ According to NAMBLA’s website, the organization’s goal is ‘to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationsh­ips.’”

For the record, here’s Wikipedia’s assessment of the American College of Pediatricians: “The group’s primary focus is advocating against the right of gay or lesbian people to adopt children, and it also advocates conversion therapy.” The Southern Povertry Law Center describes it as “a fringe anti-LGBT hate group that masquerades as the premier US association of pediatricians to push anti-LGBT junk science.” As for NAMBLA, here’s what Mike Pearl has to say about it on “Membership numbers and group activities are difficult to pin down, but based on online research and conversations with alleged former members as well as opponents of the group, both appear to have dwindled to nearly nothing.” In other words, you know you’ve won the argument whenever anybody digs up good old dead NAMBLA.

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Updated 5:57 pm, July 3, 2019
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Reader feedback

GeneS10001 from Chelsea says:
Thank you for your column. It seems well researched and it is interesting to read. But, based on the headline, I just don't get it. What have i missed - unfortunately, you have cited some mighty obscure observers who have little to no "followers," influence, or understanding. Perhaps that is your point? That after so many years of struggle, of so many lives ruined by "a potpouri of crazies..." that our Daylong (now monthlong) celebrations represent lives free of any real mainstream - hence, overtly dangerous threats to our, in many circles taken for granted, current lives of relative openness and freedom. The big HOWEVER, thougb,is that, even on this joyous day, the current potpourri of crazies , from our elected leaders Trump, Pence, Cruz, Runio, McConell, to the corporate world of Chick Fila, cracker barrel, Koch industries, the media world of fox, sinclair,and so many more, should never be underestimated in their power and ability to stomp us out, to make us complacent enough to not even notice, or care as they chip away at barely won rights.And as they continue to encourage vast swarths of America to be safe spaces to deny us rights or dignity - any religious baker's freedom to deny us a cake is more important than suicides by gay youth,condoning name calling, bullying, physical harm to us.
July 4, 10:43 am
Ed Sikov from Union square says:
Thanks for liking the column! My only goal with this one was to be amusing; I wasn’t going for any serious stuff. Yes, I agree, you have to go pretty far down into the depths to find haters like these. But I say better that than having them appear on the op-ed pages of the New York Times, the way they used to.
July 5, 3:47 pm

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