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Andrew Cuomo’s Second Term

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Even LGBT New Yorkers who vociferously resist identity politics and being labeled one-issue voters must contend with the compelling…

Why Pink Matters

Why Pink Matters

BY JENNIFER GOODSTEIN | October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time for all of us to redouble our efforts to eradicate…

Praying for Your Job

Praying for Your Job

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Three years ago, shortly after enactment of New York’s marriage equality law, I had the opportunity for a one-on-one…

Why ENDA is Not the Answer

Why ENDA is Not the Answer

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The argument for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act is clear and catches the public’s attention because it is so…

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BY ED SIKOV | Courtesy of Peter Staley, writing in the Huffington Post, chronicling the mirth-filled reaction of the Reagan administration to AIDS: Q: Larry, does the President have…

BY ED SIKOV | As the dust settles on the Supreme Court’s unexpected decision not to take up the appeals of lower court rulings on marriage equality —…