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Andrew Sullivan, Ever the Tory

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Gay writer and erstwhile blogger Andrew Sullivan, in a roughly 7,000-word cover story in New York magazine, offers an…

Hillary’s Moment

Hillary’s Moment

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Just when it seemed that divisive feelings threatened to overwhelm the Democratic presidential primary contest, Hillary Clinton has assumed a…

How Did Hillary Make That Mistake?

How Did Hillary Make That Mistake?

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The weird thing is this: She was there. In May 1992, Bill Clinton appeared before more than 600 gay, lesbian,…

Punching Down

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Though much of the news media has rightly taken note of Donald Trump’s ability to surge to the top of…

The Win-Win Politics of This Critical Juncture

The Win-Win Politics of This Critical Juncture

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Every presidential election cycle, Democrats talk about the importance of controlling appointments to the US Supreme Court. In the abstract,…

Hate Doesn’t Pay

Hate Doesn’t Pay

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | For years, the Blood of Jesus Atlah World Missionary Church at 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem has been…

Donald Trump and the Death Cult of Celebrity

Donald Trump and the Death Cult of Celebrity

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Donald Trump’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination is fueled by the outrage he can spark in voters. Unfortunately for…

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  BY ED SIKOV | There’s a new Infiniti ad — um — out. From LGBTQ Nation: “A young man sheepishly talks to his visibly displeased father. ‘Look, this…

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Misty Rojo’s Fight Against Prison

  BY SUSIE DAY | The United States, with only five percent of the world’s population, currently incarcerates some 2.3 million people, or more than 20 percent of the…

Another Ring Cycle

BY SUSIE DAY | Gay men think they know about opera. Hah. They don’t know about lesbian opera, which — like lesbians themselves — is deeply misunderstood. I just…

First Woman President Nukes Iran

BY SUSIE DAY | WASHINGTON — President Hillary Clinton, making good on her 2008 threat to “totally obliterate” Iran, celebrated her first week in office by ordering a nuclear…

I’m an Editor; Whom Are You?

BY SUSIE DAY | Who says us white leftists have no feeling for High Art? Hundreds of thousands of capitalist imperialist museum-going, opera-loving, overly literate fuck-faces, that’s who. To…