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The Trouble With Andrew Sullivan

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Andrew Sullivan, who more than a quarter century ago stormed the American intellectual and media ramparts as the British enfant…

Words Matter

Words Matter

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | As with so many revelations about the Trump administration, the storm over seven words that staff members at the federal…

Call It Out. Every Time.

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | I found myself in an awkward position with the de Blasio campaign last Friday evening. That day, while reporting on Bronx…

Whose Resistance Is It?

Whose Resistance Is It?

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The issue was emotionally fraught — with charges of anti-Semitism and of genocide traded back and forth. But the…

The Cynicism in Trump Picking on Trans Kids

The Cynicism in Trump Picking on Trans Kids

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | With the Trump administration’s reversal last week on the federal government posture toward schools allowing transgender youth to access…

The Anti-LGBTQ Siege Begins in Earnest

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The LGBTQ community never had any illusions about Donald Trump. Despite the billionaire TV celebrity having lived in Manhattan…



  BY PAUL SCHINDLER | As we face what already seems an exhaustively daunting challenge wrought by Donald Trump’s presidency, the first thing…

He’s Been Our President

He’s Been Our President

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Too cerebral. Unwilling to engage in bare-knuckles political war with his Republican enemies. Naïve, in fact, about his ability…

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BY ED SIKOV | Dateline Rome: “A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse has said that Pope Francis told him in a private meeting this month that God had…

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Trump, Lynch, And Who We Call Animals: A Safety Alert

BY SUSIE DAY | Did you hear Trump call undocumented immigrants animals? It’s stirring up — rightly — a lot of concern. Among humans, “animal” is the essential, go-to…

Disrupt J20 and the Real Cost of Violence

Disrupt J20 and the Real Cost of Violence

BY SUSIE DAY | Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20 in Washington, DC, last year is something that most of us who read Gay City News try to…