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Phlegmgate, Or Why I’m So Often Embarrassed to Be a Journalist

Phlegmgate, Or Why I’m So Often Embarrassed to Be a Journalist

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The front page of Monday morning’s New York Post, under the headline “HILL HEALTH CRISIS,” offered up frame captures from video shot the day before showing Hillary Clinton stumbling as she was helped into a van during 9/11 memorial services. By the time the Post produced this cover, we all knew […]

Season of Grief

BY KELLY COGSWELL | My uncle died a couple days ago in Kentucky. I can’t digest it. Maybe because I’d only seen him once since I left almost three decades ago. At first I’d make occasional pilgrimages back to visit my gay-hating mother, but there was too much suffering involved, it messed me up. So […]

Ding Dong, She’s Dead and All That

BY ED SIKOV | Usually our sense of propriety keeps us properly inhibited from expressing joy at the death of another. It’s better that way; the world would be an even less civilized place if we ran around singing “Ding, dong, the witch is dead” every time some hateful creature left the planet, never to […]

From Ohio, New Evidence of Drug War’s Failure

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bad news for drug warriors continues to escalate, making defenders of the current policy approach look intellectually shabby. Elephant tranquilizers dealt the latest blow to the American strategy of drug interdiction. According to the New York Times, 200 overdoses and “several” deaths have occurred over recent weeks in the Cincinnati area. Police […]

Gay and Disabled in an Ableist, Heteronormative World

BY JOSEPH A. LOGIUDICE | I always felt different as a child. It was not until adulthood that I realized why: I am gay and disabled. I talk often about being an LGBTQ person, but rarely will you hear me talk openly about my learning disability. I sat through many years of psychoeducational testing in New […]

In West Village Assembly Race, Deborah Glick Deserves Reelection

In West Village Assembly Race, Deborah Glick Deserves Reelection

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In 1990 Deborah Glick made history when she became the first out LGBT elected official in New York State. For the better part of that decade, she and later Tom Duane were the only members of our community at the table when legislators made decisions about our lives. We know from the […]

Milo Yiannopoulos Is a Bore

BY ED SIKOV | I’m embarrassed to devote column inches to Milo Yiannopoulos, the racist gay tech editor for But he’s been in the news lately and this is a media column and, well, I feel a certain obligation. In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid encountering his entirely predictable attention-grabbing stunts, Yiannopoulos is a […]

The Fierce Assault on Philanthropy

BY GINA QUATTROCHI | I don’t know much about the Clinton Foundation. My knowledge is limited to what I read online. I do not seem to be alone. Two weeks ago the Trump camp broke what Trump calls “the biggest political scandal of our time” referring to alleged illegal dealings by the foundation. As public memory […]

The Queer Kitchen

BY KELLY COGSWELL | So, I’ve been trying to write a cookbook for the last couple of years, deluded into thinking it would be a nice, light-hearted distraction from the horrors of politics. And why not? I had a bunch of good Kentucky recipes and decent home cook creds. There was even that summer during college […]

Hillary Clinton and the New Liberal Consensus

BY NATHAN RILEY | The emerging likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be our next president confirms the political paradox that has always surrounded that storied family. The 1990s was the era when Americans in large numbers came to accept lesbians and gays. The social issues that had elevated Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to the presidency […]

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