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Trust in Honest Elections Fundamental to Our Democracy

Trust in Honest Elections Fundamental to Our Democracy

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The latest dispiriting turn in a toxic presidential campaign has been Republican Donald Trump’s insistence that the results on November 8 may be fatally undermined by widespread voter fraud. He first warned of this peril in late summer when post-convention polls showed Hillary Clinton building a comfortable lead. Telling a small town […]

You May Be Due A Rent Freeze

You May Be Due A Rent Freeze

BY DAN GARODNICK | New Yorkers can argue about almost anything. The Yankees or the Mets. Taking the local or waiting for the express train. Toasting your bagel or eating it untoasted. But there’s one thing we can all agree upon: The rent is too damn high. This is an especially acute issue for some of […]

Unanimous — America’s Leading LGBT Newspapers Choose Hillary Clinton

Unanimous  — America’s Leading LGBT Newspapers Choose Hillary Clinton

  In an unprecedented move, all 12 of the country’s longest-serving and most award-winning LGBT newspapers have each separately endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. The 12 publications are members of the National Gay Media Association, a trade group for the nation’s major-market legacy LGBT newspapers. NGMA members have a combined […]

On LGBT Rights, HIV/ AIDS, the Battles Aren’t Over

On LGBT Rights, HIV/ AIDS, the Battles Aren’t Over

BY HILLARY CLINTON | More than half a century ago, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, participants at the first Annual Reminder march picketed, chanted, and sang. They did this to show their fellow Americans that the LGBT community lacked fundamental civil rights. Four years later, the Stonewall Rebellion took place in Greenwich Village in response to […]

Our America

Our America

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I was following my Twitter feed and channel surfing during the “debate” the other night when I heard a news anchor announce the police were looking for a serial groper. When I glanced up I really did expect to see Donald Trump’s pink butthole of a mouth and flabby sulking face, but […]

Trump Tape Changes the Times

BY ED SIKOV | The big media news of the week is that the New York Times actually printed the word fuck in a front page story — above the fold! The subject, of course, was Donald Trump, about whom nothing more needs to be said. According to Politico, the Times has printed a variation of […]

The Mad Activist Refrains From Offing Donald Trump

BY SUSIE DAY | Dear Peace Diary, Time to vote for our next president! Time to choose just the right person to lead our world’s most militarily advanced superpower. That’s why presidential elections should be nonviolent and fulfilling on a deep personal level! O whom, shall I choose? Let’s see… Hillary Rodham Clinton: Democrat and fellow […]

We’re With Hillary — Let’s Make Sure Swing States Are, Too

We’re With Hillary — Let’s Make  Sure Swing States Are, Too

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it is essential that we elect Hillary Clinton as president on November 8. For all the opportunities that 35 years in public life provide to critics – some who are sincere and justified – Clinton’s candidacy in 2016 offers one of the most progressive visions […]

La Commedia non è Finita

BY ED SIKOV | “‘The people that we are encouraged to think of as complex and interesting on the left, aren’t,’ [Milo] Yiannopoulos says. ‘Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are intensely dull, boring people, but we are required to look at them from a million different angles from a million different profiles in saturated media […]

Gays, Blacks, and the Fate of North Carolina Politics in 2016

BY NATHAN RILEY | North Carolina tells the tale of close ties between the fate of the Democratic Party and the LGBT community. Queers are the reason Democrats have a fighting chance in this red state. Charlotte is a banking and financial capital, a hub of colleges and universities, and a beacon of liberalism in a […]

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