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Homeland Security’s Rentboy Raid All Too Predictable

Homeland Security’s Rentboy Raid All Too Predictable

BY NATHAN RILEY | The raid on by the US Department of Homeland Security is no fluke. It follows the April passage of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act by lopsided majorities in Washington. Major enforcement responsibility was assigned to the agency created to protect us from terrorism and control immigrants. Congress declared the […]

Connecting the Dots Creates New Leadership

BY MICHAEL ADAMS | After the Supreme Court’s decision for marriage equality in late June, 26 million friends of the LGBTQ community showed their support — at least on that issue —by putting a rainbow filter over their Facebook profile picture. Ultimately, the freedom to marry and #LoveWins became a “sexy” way for new allies to […]

Read the Riot Act to “Stonewall”?

BY ED SIKOV | We’re at each other’s throats again. It happens, as John Wayne’s character says in my favorite western, “The Searchers,” “just as sure as the turnin’ of the earth.” Trans folks are up in arms against gay men, white people are angry at people of color, and this time — absurdly — it’s […]

My Life as a Girl, Experiment 2: Skirting Drag

My Life as a Girl, Experiment 2: Skirting Drag

BY KELLY COGSWELL | It’s been years since I’ve had to put on girl drag to go to an office, but I still throw on a skirt occasionally. My current fave: a furry brown thing that I wear with stripey tights. Once, on a kind of dare, I let a friend dress me up in his colorful […]

The Young Lords Retake New York… With a Little Help from Johanna Fernandez

The Young Lords  Retake New York…  With a Little Help  from Johanna Fernandez

BY SUSIE DAY | For five years, Johanna Fernandez, history professor at Baruch College, worked to set up three separate art installations around New York City, one of which she curated. She worked, without funding, to tell the story of the Young Lords, a 1960s, mostly Puerto Rican street gang that morphed into a revolutionary action […]

Equality = Economic Justice

BY DUNCAN OSBORNE | The introduction of the Equality Act in Congress is notable for its record number of co-sponsors in the House and Senate. Outside of Capitol Hill, few voices support the legislation, and one group, GetEQUAL, opposes it after demanding such a law for five years. GetEQUAL doesn’t understand this legislation. The Equality Act would […]


July 30, 2015 To the Editor: The last bastion has fallen. The two-pronged crackdown on Fire Island — banning nudity on the beach between Cherry Grove and The Pines and ticketing men engaged in sexual activity in the Meat Rack — marks the end of an era. As it is, clothing-optional beaches are an increasing […]

Lauding the Times, But Not Forgetting its Past

BY ED SIKOV | Gavin Grimm sat quietly in the audience last November as dozens of parents at a school board meeting in Gloucester County, Va., demanded that he be barred from using the boys’ restrooms at school. They discussed the transgender boy’s genitals, expressed concern that he might expose himself and cautioned that being in […]

My Life as a Girl, Experiment 1: Lipstick

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Last Saturday, I decided to put on some lipstick for the first time in yonks, partly in solidarity with the drag performers who were recently banned from a Scottish alternative pride event, and then re-allowed, but mostly because I’ve been hearing so much about women lately I’ve been wondering what it is […]

SCOTUS Aftershocks

SCOTUS Aftershocks

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | A lot has happened on the LGBT rights front in the short period since the US Supreme Court recognized that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces workplace nondiscrimination protections under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ruled that “an […]

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