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Upstate Maloney’s Egregious Refugee Vote

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Anyone who wonders whether Congressmember Sean Patrick Maloney regrets having given up his days and evenings as a Manhattan attorney in exchange for the life of a minority party House member sitting through long DC committee hearings and weekending in his upstate district to attend pancake breakfasts and ribbon-cuttings should consider just […]

The Paris Attacks

The Paris Attacks

BY KELLY COGSWELL |I’ve been trying to write a piece about Paris since the attacks happened here 10 days ago. I’m not sure what I can add. Or if I should. Silence is underrated. Especially these days when even the posts by people who lost sisters or brothers or lovers begin to sound the same, but […]

A Chelsea Clinic for the 21st Century

BY WILLIAM A. SMITH | Numbers released last week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that we are experiencing a major explosion in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) across the country. At the same time, STD clinics in too many communities have been permanently shuttered due to budget cuts while incorrect assumptions are being […]

Drug Reformers Take Stock of Attitudes Moving Their Way

BY NATHAN RILEY | Underneath the jubilant mood that swept through last week’s Drug Policy Alliance international conference in Washington was a realization that the campaign to respect the human rights of drug users is proceeding slowly, even as marijuana legalization picks up speed. Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, campaigned for marijuana legalization. Colorado’s experience […]

GOP Hopefuls Cozy Up to Kill-the-Gays Pastor: Where’s the Outrage?

GOP Hopefuls Cozy Up to Kill-the-Gays Pastor: Where’s the Outrage?

BY ED SIKOV | “Earlier this month, in Des Moines, the prominent home-schooling advocate and pastor Kevin Swanson again called for the punishment of homosexuality by death. To be clear, he added that the time for eliminating America’s gay population was ‘not yet’ at hand. We must wait for the nation to embrace the one true […]

Post-Houston, Our Obligations to Our Trans Brothers & Sisters

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In 1977, when gospel singer and Orange Juice pitchperson Anita Bryant took aim at the Miami-Dade gay rights ordinance, she didn’t opt for subtlety. The group she founded to mount a repeal effort at the ballot box she called Save Our Children. Her claim was that in sanctioning legal rights for gay […]

The State of the Queer Cuban Nation

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Late in October, a handful of independent activists appeared for the first time before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington reporting on the state of the LGBTI community in Cuba and asking the commission to pressure the Castro regime not just on behalf of queers, but of any independent group trying […]

PrEP Can Help Bring an End to AIDS

BY LETITIA JAMES  & BENJAMIN BASHEIN |  Thirty years ago, the world was still trying to figure out what HIV was –– let alone how to prevent it. We remember New York City during those dark years –– when countless men in communities across the city were getting sick and dying before our very eyes. But […]

I’m an Editor; Whom Are You?

BY SUSIE DAY | Who says us white leftists have no feeling for High Art? Hundreds of thousands of capitalist imperialist museum-going, opera-loving, overly literate fuck-faces, that’s who. To smash this top-down bourgeois conspiracy, I am taking a couple of months off from writing this column to start a highly classy –– yet class-conscious –– literary […]

Providing a Better Life for Our Veterans

Providing a Better Life for Our Veterans

BY BRUCE W. BOTH | Veterans Day is a time to pay tribute to the service and sacrifices of all US military veterans. But acknowledging what these amazing men and women have done for our country is not enough. We must do more. To truly honor our veterans, Veterans Day must be a time to strengthen […]

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