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Misconceptions, Lies & Fear-Mongering About Sex

Misconceptions, Lies & Fear-Mongering About Sex

BY ED SIKOV | During a recent segment of “The View” with guest Danny Pintauro, one of the hosts, Raven-Symoné, turned to Pintauro’s husband, Wil Tabares, who was sitting placidly in the audience minding his own business, and said, “Please tell me if this is too personal, but do you guys have protected or unprotected sex?” […]

A Vindication for Activism — and Rehabilitation, Too

A Vindication for Activism — and Rehabilitation, Too

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The past several days have witnessed two impressive examples of how activism — patient, persistent, uncompromising, and unwilling to settle — can pay off in the end. On Tuesday, the organizers of the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade announced they would, for the first time, open the Fifth Avenue event to an […]

The Standards Jonathan Capehart Sets For Himself

BY ED SIKOV | Jonathan Capehart is one of the smartest, most conscience-driven journalists in the country. Currently a columnist and member of the editorial board at the Washington Post, Capehart was part of the winning team for the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Best Editorial Writing for a series of New York Daily News pieces he […]

Storifying Stonewall

Storifying Stonewall

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’m not surprised that the director of the new movie “Stonewall” sidelined the butches and drag queens of color for a hero who was gay and white and male and so macho that nobody was gonna be checking his trousers to see if he had all the equipment promised by that pale […]

The Homophobia that Never Disappears

The Homophobia that Never Disappears

BY SAM OGLESBY | This past June 5-7 promised to be a special weekend. In particular the sixth of June would be a red-letter day for me and my partner. On that day he would celebrate his 59th birthday and we, as a couple, would observe the 33rd anniversary of our relationship, having met more than […]

Locker Room Kiss

BY BEN KRULL | It was a lazy weeknight in the men’s locker room at the Prospect Park Y. “Have a good workout,” a lanky man changing next to me said, as the squat, gym-attired guy he was talking to kissed him on the lips. The kiss was an innocuous act of affection — more a […]

Democrats Support Marriage Equality… Big Deal!

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In its late August Summer Meeting in Minneapolis, the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution “in support of” the June 26 marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court. LGBT Democratic partisans are touting the resolution as a strong rejoinder to the Republican National Committee’s recent endorsement of federal legislation to protect businesses […]

Hating Kim Davis

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Good ole Kim Davis, how we love to hate her. Long after she got sprung from jail and same-sex couples were issued their marriage licenses, it’s still Kim Davis as a lead on half the gay rags of the country and beyond. Mostly because she’s so easy to hate. She’s a woman, […]

Altruism: Viral & More Dangerous than ISIS

BY SUSIE DAY | Early this month in Germany, a few thousand refugees from war-torn Syria and neighboring countries spilled out of a train station and into Munich. Rather than being tripped by the locals, or thrown inside cargo trucks, or sorted out according to skin color (as per quaint Old World custom), the migrants were […]

Sex Work in the Wake of the Raid

BY NATHAN RILEY | What happens now that is gone? Will the federal Department of Homeland Security follow up with additional raids on similar businesses? The advertisers on rentboy met a well-heeled clientele, and the income they lost has hurt. As these things go, the most dire impact has fallen on sex workers with the […]

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