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Transparency and Trust

Transparency and Trust

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The nation’s two most significant news stories in recent weeks both underscore a critical shortcoming too big to ignore — that government, at all levels, too often fails in its obligations for transparency. Whether it’s about guaranteeing that police conduct toward those they’re sworn to protect is free of abuses or that […]

All #BlackLivesMatter & Advice to That Young Activist

All #BlackLivesMatter & Advice to That Young Activist

BY KELLY COGSWELL | If there’s any cause for hope on America’s racism front, it is that young black woman in braces on the TV. She wasn’t just a participant, but an organizer of some of the New York marches protesting Eric Garner’s death and the verdict that gave his cop murderer a free pass. Watching […]

When LGBT-Only Housing Isn’t Enough

BY TAZ TAGORE | Ten years ago, Adam Bucko and I started the Reciprocity Foundation, in response to the growing number of homeless youth — especially LGBT-identified young people — living on New York City streets. Around the same time, Carl Siciliano founded the Ali Forney Center (AFC). The time was ripe for change and the […]

“Accidental” Murders, From Garner To Afghanistan

“Accidental” Murders, From Garner To Afghanistan

BY SUSIE DAY | Last Wednesday, December 3, a Staten Island grand jury announced it would not indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for the choking death of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man, whose crime was, at most, selling a few loose cigarettes on the street. Officially, then, no one is culpable for what millions of […]

Ebola? What’s Ebola?

BY ED SIKOV | It’s been only two months — two months — since Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola in a Dallas hospital and this country went berserk. Every day that passed after Duncan’s death brought more and more politicians and news commentators and so-called reporters vying to outdo each other’s air of barely disguised […]

Pockets, Purses, and Pants: LGBTQ New Yorkers Have the Right to Know

BY ANDREA RITCHIE | What do marijuana arrests, illegal gender searches, and the use of condoms as evidence all have in common? All are the product of discriminatory policing practices affecting LGBTQ communities, and particularly LGBTQ youth and transgender people of color. They also often take place during searches supposedly based on “consent.” The scene, described […]

Thanksgiving Stinks & the Kitchen Sink

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Yeah, we all know it. Despite the sea of Beaujolais Nouveau and 12 kinds of pie, Thanksgiving stinks for a lot of people. Though props to you queers who have everything lining up nicely on the health and wealth side of things and somehow escape the usual family trauma served up hot […]

The Edge of Horror

The Edge of Horror

BY ED SIKOV | The actor and Out 100 Artist of the Year Zachary Quinto certainly stepped in something stinky when he opined about HIV and young gay men in the Out interview accompanying his award. In case you’ve been living — with me — on Mars and need a quick sketch of who this Quinto […]

Democratic Armageddon and Post-Everything America

BY KELLY COGSWELL  | The Democrats really got clobbered this mid-term. And all the progressives are wailing and gnashing their teeth. Still, we at least have a Democratic president for another two years, so it could be worse. And maybe it will be next election. The Republicans will probably keep the House and Senate and […]

De Blasio’s Pot Reform Good Step in Long Catch-Up Game

BY NATHAN RILEY |  The city’s new marijuana policy is a good thing, but it is probably best thought of as just a chapter in a book not yet completed. Donna Lieberman cut to the nub. “New Yorkers need to know if the NYPD is finally ending its marijuana crusade” or simply “shifting tactics,” the […]

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