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Hillary’s Not Our Mom, and She’s Not Judy Garland

Hillary’s Not Our Mom, and She’s Not Judy Garland

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | In a recent New York Times article, which was titled “Hillary Clinton’s Gay Rights Evolution” and explored her connection to and, to a lesser extent, her detractors among LGBT voters, longtime activist David Mixner got the last word. Arguing that lesbians and straight women were among the most committed activists during […]

Crackpots — The Alley’s Lousy With ‘Em

BY ED SIKOV | More from the inane and appalling front: Charla de la mierda: Spanish Senator Luz Elena Sanín recently claimed the country’s economic problems were caused by “subsidies for NGOs and homosexuals” — you know that latter term; NGOs are non-governmental organizations, what we usually call non-profits. A member of the ruling Populist […]

Re-Reading Sarah Schulman’s “After Delores”

Re-Reading Sarah Schulman’s “After Delores”

BY KELLY COGSWELL | These days I mostly read to entertain myself and kill time, though books are still what I turn to when I need to understand my own life or try to lend it meaning. After I gave up on the Bible, I obsessively read “The Black Unicorn,” Audre Lorde’s collection of poetry. […]

Cuomo, Teachout, and Missed Opportunities

BY NATHAN RILEY | Governor Andrew Cuomo won the hearts of the LGBT community when he marshaled the powers of his office to give New Yorkers marriage equality in the first six months of his term. Not incidentally, he won the affection and respect of many other voters. The positive reaction from queers is hardly […]

Allies Aren’t Enough In Ferguson, San Fran

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Another unarmed black man is shot by a white cop, and as the situation explodes, plenty of right-thinking white folks are exhorting each of us blanquitos to become an ally. It’s also what straight folks are supposed to become when another fag gets beaten, another transwoman mutilated and killed. Or a […]

Shoppers Without Borders: Curing Media-Inflicted War Wounds

BY SUSIE DAY | Paige Turner, a 29-year-old graduate of Grinnell College’s creative writing program, came to New York to start her life as a novelist. She got some gigs chronicling upscale Manhattan lifestyles for glossy magazines: “good background for my first socially conscious bestseller!” Things were going great — she was online most of […]

Hot PrEP Seeks Same for BB

BY ED SIKOV | Back in the day, meaning the 1980s, New York magazine could always be counted on to produce sloppy, embarrassingly uneducated, heartless, but fortunately blessedly few articles about AIDS and its effects on gay men. The editor-in-chief at the time, Edward Kosner, was much more interested in the inane “Mr. Peepers” society […]

The Enduring Community Excelsior Bar Forged in Brooklyn

The Enduring Community Excelsior Bar Forged in Brooklyn

BY MATTHEW McMORROW | What’s in our local gay bars besides boys and booze? Found all over the world, often on their own in any given locale, gay bars serve as our informal community centers — at times refuges from a hostile outside world — where LGBT folks, locals and visitors alike, can gather, be […]

Gender Anxiety and the Joys of Swimming in France

BY KELLY COGSWELL | A decade or two ago, I was a member of the 14th Street Y. Trouble would start as soon as I’d step into the locker room and a couple of little old ladies would be sure to scream, “This is the Women’s.” I’d consider flashing my tits for a moment, but […]

Kudos to the President and Next Steps for All of Us

Kudos to the President and Next Steps for All of Us

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | First things first. President Barack Obama did his job this week, and the LGBT community is the better for it. For the past several years — especially as continued Republican control of the US House made it clear LGBT job protections nationwide in the form of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act […]

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