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Schocks and Sham(e)s

BY ED SIKOV | Schock and Awwww: Politico’s lede on a recent follow-up to the story of the disgraced and definitely not gay — no, no, anything but gay! — Congressmember Aaron Schock says it all: “Dateline: Springfield, Ill. — The Paul Findley Federal Building and Courthouse here might as well have been the site of […]

What Research Tells Us About Young LGBTQ Sex Workers

BY NATHAN RILEY | Resilience, the ability to stick your head above the muck and keep on trucking, is an often-underestimated strength of the young people who trade sex for money or shelter. It keeps them from defeat and being victims, and it is a quality that allows for the marked bonds of friendship they forge. […]

I Am a Wedding (In Camera)

I Am a Wedding (In Camera)

BY DAVID EHRENSTEIN | On February 25 at 11:30 a.m., after 43 years of intimate cohabitation, Bill Reed and I were married at Beverly Hills City Hall. Judge Marjorie Harris, a polished, poised, and delightful woman who has married a number of same-sex couples since Proposition 8 was overturned in 2013, presided. Since marriage is a […]

No Honeymoon in Brazil For Post-Marriage Queers

BY KELLY COGSWELL | So the feds finally recognize your marriage, big deal. Pop a cork, swig some champagne, then get back to work. You can’t legislate the end of homophobia. Just look at Brazil, with its enormous LGBT Pride marches, marriage equality — and also entrenched homophobia and violence. I’ve been swapping messages about the […]

Now, de Blasio Creating His Own “Religious Liberty” Problem

Now, de Blasio Creating His Own “Religious Liberty” Problem

BY KATHERINE STEWART | Many of the more than 60 evangelical churches that were once holding regular worship services in New York City’s public schools share views that make them unacceptable to a lot of New Yorkers. A number of them are part of religious networks closely affiliated with anti-gay ministries. The Village Church, for instance, […]

Aaron Schock’s Seat is Up for Grabs

Aaron Schock’s Seat is Up for Grabs

BY ED SIKOV | Hey, Gays: Leave Aaron Schock Alone,” James Kirchick’s article on the Daily Beast about how mean we’re being to the disgraced Republican now ex-congressmember from Illinois, makes me want to puke: “According to his gay antagonists, Schock deserves to be outed because of his anti-gay voting record. That consists of opposition to […]

Killing Queers for Jesus

BY KELLY COGSWELL | You can almost see it coming, the train wreck of queers and religion, especially if a Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage is framed in a way that encourages religious exemptions. Already, nonprofit religious institutions have a lot of leeway to discriminate. But the new Indiana law has implications far beyond church […]

Another Lunatic Leftist Comes in From the Cold

BY SUSIE DAY | You want to know why I’m nuts, Doctor? I’m part of the lunatic left, that’s why. My delusions of intellectual grandeur are great enough to make me believe that I can actually comprehend the bombings, the embargoes, the torture — all wrought by the good old US of A — while everybody […]

French Fries, With Love Rejected

French Fries, With Love Rejected

BY SAM OGLESBY | As we had been doing once a month for several years, Edith and I met at 11:15 a.m. in the lobby of the Film Forum on Houston Street for a “members only” sneak preview of a critically praised, but obscure film. I think it was an early Cary Grant picture that […]

Christ’s Emissary Calls Us Maricónes

BY ED SIKOV | One unexpected measure of progress in media coverage of LGBT lives is the fact that I had to go all the way to the Andean Air Mail and Peruvian Times for this week’s lede. (It’s a single entity — formerly an English-language newspaper, now a website.) The subject is a bill that […]

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