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Hot PrEP Seeks Same for BB

BY ED SIKOV | Back in the day, meaning the 1980s, New York magazine could always be counted on to produce sloppy, embarrassingly uneducated, heartless, but fortunately blessedly few articles about AIDS and its effects on gay men. The editor-in-chief at the time, Edward Kosner, was much more interested in the inane “Mr. Peepers” society […]

The Enduring Community Excelsior Bar Forged in Brooklyn

The Enduring Community Excelsior Bar Forged in Brooklyn

BY MATTHEW McMORROW | What’s in our local gay bars besides boys and booze? Found all over the world, often on their own in any given locale, gay bars serve as our informal community centers — at times refuges from a hostile outside world — where LGBT folks, locals and visitors alike, can gather, be […]

Gender Anxiety and the Joys of Swimming in France

BY KELLY COGSWELL | A decade or two ago, I was a member of the 14th Street Y. Trouble would start as soon as I’d step into the locker room and a couple of little old ladies would be sure to scream, “This is the Women’s.” I’d consider flashing my tits for a moment, but […]

Kudos to the President and Next Steps for All of Us

Kudos to the President and Next Steps for All of Us

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | First things first. President Barack Obama did his job this week, and the LGBT community is the better for it. For the past several years — especially as continued Republican control of the US House made it clear LGBT job protections nationwide in the form of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act […]

Gaza, Queers, and Banning Speech

BY KELLY COGSWELL | It’s getting harder and harder to be a cheerful, card-carrying member of the LGBTQ community. If it’s not the new spate of weddings, it’s our obsession with the policing of speech. We catch some famous person saying “homo” or “fag,” bust their chops, and soon they’re at HRC or GLAAD, beating […]

Crackpot Alley

BY ED SIKOV | With this edition of Media Circus, we launch a periodic feature we’re calling “Crackpot Alley,” a roster of the most inane, dangerous, stupid, and appalling news items that cross our desk. We swear we are not making this stuff up. Unfortunately, we don’t have to. Night of the Fucking Dead: “Anti-gay […]

Canadian Conservatives’ Predictable Stumble on Prostitution

BY NATHAN RILEY | Once the Canadian Supreme Court overturned criminal laws surrounding prostitution last December, it was a foregone conclusion that the Parliament controlled by the Conservative Party would recriminalize it. The party has now made its proposal, which is being widely criticized for enshrining the harms the high court identified in making its historic […]

Praying for Your Job

Praying for Your Job

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Three years ago, shortly after enactment of New York’s marriage equality law, I had the opportunity for a one-on-one interview with Governor Andrew Cuomo about the hands-on role he played in the fateful final days leading up to that measure’s approval by the Republican-controlled Senate. One critical factor in his negotiations […]

Blasting Past the Dyke March

Blasting Past the Dyke March

BY KELLY COGSWELL | A couple of Saturday mornings ago, I was sitting in a Toronto café watching the news when its World Pride rundown included a blurb on the Dyke March. They actually said it on TV: “Dyke.” And no buildings collapsed or fire rained down from the sky, though it was pretty hot. […]

Don’t You Play Me Le Jazz, Nat, Baby

BY ED SIKOV | You couldn’t pay me enough to sit through “The Pleasures of Being Out of Step,” a new documentary about the anti-gay jazz critic and First Amendment twister Nat Hentoff. Two articles in the New York Times provided more than enough nausea to suffice; the film itself, which recently debuted in New […]

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