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Words Offer Comfort, Deeds Summon Grace

Words Offer Comfort, Deeds Summon Grace

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | I was reminded by my friend and colleague Andy Humm that a defining maxim of the women’s suffrage movement a century ago was “Deeds Not Words.” In our age, words are expertly focus-group-tested and then wielded alternately as heartfelt promises, dire warnings, and lacerating weapons. We all cycle through thousands of […]

Even Googling Monkeys In Love Can’t Forgive Rick Santorum

BY ED SIKOV | Duh! Have you ever come up with a brilliant and revelatory idea or discovery that, on reflection, made so much sense you were suddenly baffled as to why you thought it was so brilliant in the first place? I do it all the time. The latest example of my unwavering drive […]

Dusting Off Identity Politics

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Last week, yet another person told me that identity politics was dead. “Sure, as a strategy, it was okay for our generation, helped us get a lot done from AIDS to marriage, but the young ones aren’t into labels. They use ‘queer’ or whatever. Don’t see the need for L-G-B-T at […]

Why Pink Matters

Why Pink Matters

BY JENNIFER GOODSTEIN | October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time for all of us to redouble our efforts to eradicate the second-leading killer of women in the United States. When my husband and I bought NYC Community Media in 2012 and, in June of this year, added the Brooklyn-based Community News Group […]

Reading Kristol’s Balls

BY ED SIKOV | It’s so much fun to gloat. I know, I know — it’s distasteful to revel in someone else’s humiliation. Emily Post would frown upon it. It’s not done in polite society. But I’m not polite, and I’m certainly not in high society, unless you count weed. Friends, I’d like to introduce […]

LGBTQ Immigrants: Heroes Among Us — If They Can Get Here

BY SEBASTIAN MAGUIRE | I am generally loath to praise our country’s dysfunctional immigration system. Both immigrants and their advocates can readily attest to the Kafkaesque frustrations of dealing with mindless bureaucrats and heartless policymakers. A shining exception to my general attitude is asylum. Since 1994, when Attorney General Janet Reno issued a decision recognizing […]

We Need to Change the Climate

We Need to Change the Climate

BY ROBERT TOLBERT | We need to change the climate. Yes, I am speaking about the actual climate. We need to stop fracking. We need to clean up our air and water. We need to recycle, rebuild, and retrofit. But we also need to change our political climate. Political will can’t just happen when it’s close […]


September 8, 2014 To the Editor: I am deeply disappointed at the horrible sexism of Paul Schindler’s editorial “Hillary’s Not Our Mom, And She’s Not Judy Garland” (Sep. 2-17).  The article did not mention any of Clinton’s work in office either as New York’s senator or in the State Department regarding LGBT or HIV issues. No […]


BY ED SIKOV | The Highest-Paid Female CEO in America Used to Be a Man.” That’s the arresting headline of New York magazine’s September 8 – 21 cover story on Martine Rothblatt, the founder and chief executive officer of the pharma company United Therapeutics and a co-founder of Sirius Radio. Written by Lisa Miller, the piece […]

One of the Last Lesbians Standing… In Publishing

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Early in July, I had a conversation with Sarah Schulman, writer, queer activist, historian, and co-founder of the Lesbian Avengers. We talked about what contributed to that group’s successful launch, including the vibrancy of the lesbian subculture in 1970s and ‘80s. We also discussed why it’s so hard for lesbian writers to […]

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