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This Coming Pride Sunday & Fourth of July

This Coming Pride Sunday & Fourth of July

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Infants and children detained indefinitely, whether in cages or not. On Pride Sunday & Fourth of July, remember: The world will demand to know what we were doing while this was going on.

The Other Side Of Outrage: Mohammad Hamad And Hope

BY SUSIE DAY | I wanted to talk to Mohammad Hamad because, in the midst celebrating our Pride, it may be time to look at some of our prejudices. Mohammad, a 30-year-old Palestinian American, has been on the board of directors of Brooklyn Pride for the last three years. He founded Brooklyn Pride’s Diversity and […]

State of the Queer Nation 2018: Choosing Hope

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’ve found them — out and proud young lesbians on Twitter. They’re influenced by queer theory, denounce transphobia, but embrace the word lesbian, too, no matter what their pronouns are. One posts a series of lesbian laments along the lines of, “Over a week into Pride Month and I still don’t have […]

Centering Trans Women in Our Fight for Health Equity

Centering Trans Women in Our Fight for Health Equity

BY RÍO SOFIA | I’ve been medically transitioning over the past two and a half years and have been a patient at four different clinics in New York City that specifically offer transgender health care. Before finding Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC), my experience navigating all of these clinics had been one of […]

Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Not As Limited As Some Think

BY RACHEL B. TIVEN | The United States Supreme Court offered dangerous encouragement this month to those scheming to undermine marriage equality and otherwise deny civil rights to LGBTQ people. The court issued what many are calling a “limited ruling” in the much-anticipated case of the Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for […]

In Masterpiece, Baker Wins the Battle but Loses the War

In Masterpiece, Baker Wins  the Battle but Loses the War

BY JAMES ESSEKS | In the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled for a bakery that had refused to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. It did so on grounds that are specific to this particular case and will have little to no applicability to future cases. The opinion is full […]

Gay US Ambassador to Germany is a Dummkopf

BY ED SIKOV | Donald J. Trump’s naming of an openly gay ambassador to Germany might be cause for celebration were it not for the fact that the new ambassador’s first tweet in his new job managed to insult the Germans. As reported by the Washington Post as well as  LGBTQ Nation, Richard Grenell, who worked […]

In Remembrance, Appreciation & Undiminished Determination

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | Gay New York has lost two giants. On May 12, longtime lesbian activist Adelaide Connaughton unexpectedly passed away. Adelaide worked to elect many LGBTQ people to office and also worked to elect our straight allies. She was the founding vice president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club and remained in that […]

Pope Breaks With Other Old Guys

BY ED SIKOV | Dateline Rome: “A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse has said that Pope Francis told him in a private meeting this month that God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way, a remarkable expression of inclusion for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. […]

What Are Judicial Delegates, and Why Should I Care?

BY ALLEN ROSKOFF | On Primary Day, September 13, voters get the opportunity to choose judicial delegates — elected posts that precious few people know about. Despite this obscurity, these delegates play a pivotal role in electing State Supreme Court justices whose decisions affect all of us. Back in the old days, Manhattan reformers battled Bronx […]

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