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Hillary’s Moment

Hillary’s Moment

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Just when it seemed that divisive feelings threatened to overwhelm the Democratic presidential primary contest, Hillary Clinton has assumed a commanding position in the race to this summer’s Philadelphia convention. Clinton now has 1,650 pledged delegates, a 302-vote edge over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Counting his 39 superdelegates, Sanders would have to […]

Big Man on Campus

Big Man on Campus

BY SAM OGLESBY | Not long ago I attended a play on 10th Avenue in a ramshackle building in the West 50s. One of those neglected structures with an elevator that takes five minutes to travel three floors. In was a late winter evening and the play took place in a dark, drafty loft space, a totally […]

Another Ring Cycle

BY SUSIE DAY | Gay men think they know about opera. Hah. They don’t know about lesbian opera, which — like lesbians themselves — is deeply misunderstood. I just happen to have a scenario for a grand opera by and for lesbians, absolutely chock full of tragic splendor. Regardez: ACT I Naughty and heedless Clarinda, a […]

Where Laurie Metcalf Takes On John Wayne

Where Laurie Metcalf Takes On John Wayne

BY ED SIKOV | The toilet that once dared not speak its name now won’t shut its lid. Judging by the profusion of bathroom coverage, the backlash to the backlash to trans rights is in full flush, and the media is all but backed up with pro-trans stories and editorials. So let’s plunge right in. Support for […]

Nuit Debout: This Revolution Is Not for You

Nuit Debout: This Revolution Is Not for You

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Revolutions don’t excite me any more. They’re never for me. Not Occupy Wall Street. Not the new social movement going on in France right now, called “Nuit debout” and centered 15 or 20 long blocks from me at Place de la République. It began on March 31 following a series of protests […]

State of the Queer World

BY KELLY COGSWELL | This week, anyway, it seems that the world is lurching closer to acknowledging that we LGBT people deserve basic human rights and maybe even, the full rights of adult citizens. On April 7, the high court of Colombia ruled that same-sex couples could marry. About the same time, the United Nations released […]

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nowhere Left to Pee

BY ED SIKOV | “Religious freedom” is the putative goal of Mississippi’s vicious new anti-LGBT law, which passed on the heels of North Carolina’s blatantly discriminatory new hate-LGBT legislation. As Ian Millhiser of Think Progress writes, “The Mississippi law… explicitly singles out LGBT people ‘for disfavored legal status’” — the term used by Supreme Court Justice […]

When a Panic Puts Four Lesbians in Jail for 15 Years

BY LENORE SKENAZY | This will sound strange but it only gets stranger: A man in the Yukon who lives in a hut and has a team of 30 mush dogs got interested in the topic of female sex offenders. Go figure. The man, Darrell Otto, may trod the frozen tundra, but like everyone else, he […]

Of Rats and Asses

BY ED SIKOV | Since the last Media Circus — the one where I lambasted Maureen Dowd and her nudnik pal Max Mutchnick — news coverage of the presidential primaries has reached either the nadir or the zenith, depending on your taste for sick amusement. Mine’s pretty damn high, so I’ve been in a very merry […]

On Drugs, Harm Reduction’s Time Has Come

BY NATHAN RILEY | Harm reduction counseling empowers drug users to take control of their health and provides support to individuals who are told that only losers use meth. Getting high is a natural desire and occurs in virtually every culture; it doesn’t have to be associated with escaping the problems of real life. That 1960s […]

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