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De Blasio Staying the Course

De Blasio Staying the Course

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Marching in the inclusive St. Pat’s for All Parade in Sunnyside, Queens this past Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked if the decision by the organizers of the annual March 17 parade on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to allow an LGBT-identified group from NBC, the event’s broadcast sponsor, to participate would get […]

Sex, Bondage, and Equality

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I ’ve been thinking about sex lately. Sex and equality. Mostly because I’m trying to write a screenplay, and when I asked a bunch of bi and lesbian girls in Istanbul recently if they had any requests for a theme, they all said, “Intimacy.” One person specifically wanted to see BDSM. It […]

In Bad Repair: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Zeitgeist

BY SUSIE DAY | It isn’t often a marginalized countercultural journalist such as myself gets to interview America’s Mr. Big. But finally they let me in to see Mr. Zeitgeist. Like most of us, Mr. Zeitgeist comes from immigrant stock. His name combines the German words for “time” (zeit) with “spirit” (geist).” Mr. Zeitgeist is, indeed, […]

Better Ingredients, Better Terrorists — Papa Abu’s

BY ED SIKOV | The inter-national jihadist comedy troupe ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) took a break from filming its ongoing series of beheading videos to announce on Twitter its plan to attack Rome and hurl gay Romans off the city’s “leaning tower of pizza.” At least that was the most common interpretation […]

A Voice from Gay Ghana

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Ghana may be one of Africa’s more democratic countries, but not for queers. Thanks in part to anti-gay campaigns encouraged — and financed — across West Africa by US evangelicals, 98 percent of people in Ghana believe that homosexuality is “morally unacceptable.” Politicians openly denounce lesbians and gay men as foreigners and […]

Jenneration Gap

Jenneration Gap

BY ED SIKOV | I’m the One Who Needs the Cocktail! From the New York Post’s unavoidable Page Six, which was compelled to cover Bruce Jenner’s transitioning by interviewing one of the Village People: “Randy Jones — aka the Cowboy from the ‘Macho Man’ band — was spotted at John and Tommy Greco’s K*Rico in Hell’s […]

Medical Marijuana Advocates Press to Ease New York’s New Regs

BY NATHAN RILEY | Advocates for medical marijuana, aggravated by the narrowness of New York State’s path to date on the plan adopted into law last year, remain doggedly hopeful about the possibility of positive changes after the state health commissioner completes review of public comments. The initial regulations posted in December were deeply disappointing. Although […]

We’ve Nearly Arrived in Dothan

We’ve Nearly Arrived in Dothan

BY TROY MASTERS | As a crimson tide of same-sex marriage rolls across Alabama, lives are being transformed right before our eyes. This week marks another huge stage in the paradigm shift that has remade that state in the past 50 years. And if racial progress upended a way of life in Alabama centuries old, gay […]

Digital Drag

Digital Drag

BY MICHAEL DESANTO | When we think of video games, our minds can easily go off in many different directions. We may think about iconic figures such as Super Mario, Zelda, or Laura Croft. We may think about the amount of time children spend in these virtual worlds instead of riding their bikes outside. Or we […]

Salt Lake Cynicism

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | The Salt Lake Tribune headlined it this way: “In Major Move, Mormon Apostles Call for Statewide LGBT Protections.” Here was the frame from the New York Times: “Mormons Seek Golden Mean Between Gay Rights and Religious Beliefs.” Wrong. Both of them. In their headlines and in the stories that followed. According to […]

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