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He’s Been Our President

He’s Been Our President

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Too cerebral. Unwilling to engage in bare-knuckles political war with his Republican enemies. Naïve, in fact, about his ability to find common ground with a GOP determined to undermine, even delegitimize him from Day 1. Those are the typical knocks – especially from progressives – aimed at Barack Obama, the first […]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Donald

BY SUSIE DAY | Dear President-Elect Trump, I was blue the other day, thinking how little power I have over my life. Like, how I didn’t vote for you, but how you’re going to be president anyway? Bummer. I’m also bummed by the fact that, for Christmas, I sent my sister –– who also dreads the […]

Nightmare on Penn Street

BY KELLY COGSWELL | I’ve decided to consider the next four years as an existential opportunity to be liberated, not by hope, but by fear. I’m not joking. I’m waking up at night in a cold sweat I usually reserve for mice infestations. The election really did happen. And in about two weeks DT’s sneery […]

A Gay Walks into a Bar –– Ow!

A Gay Walks into a Bar –– Ow!

BY ED SIKOV | A spate of articles has appeared lately on the subject of gay bars shutting down, and strangely, they all conclude that it’s A Good Thing. In the last two weeks, the Chicago Tribune, The Economist, and the website The Good Men Project have all published articles that examine the trend, which […]

When Facts Don’t Matter

BY KELLY COGSWELL | During the presidential debates, every time Republican candidate Donald Trump opened his mouth he lied, and Democrats had a field day presenting the screen-captures of a tweet he’d claimed never to have written, videos of him saying things he’d denied, photos of him chatting with shady characters he said he didn’t know. […]

May You Live in Predictable Times

BY ED SIKOV | “During his election campaign, Donald Trump claimed he was ‘better for the gay community’ than Hillary Clinton. He even stated in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in August that he would protect ‘our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.’ This is the opening […]

Two Sides of Fear’s Coin

Two Sides of Fear’s Coin

BY SAM OGLESBY | On November 10, over breakfast, I was surprised and delighted when my partner of 34 years looked up from his cereal and said, “Let’s get married !” We were happy when same-sex marriage became legal nationally last year, but like many couples, gay and straight, we had mixed feelings about the institution […]

Bringing Back Those Loyalty Oaths

BY BRUCE KOGAN | The biggest reason I supported Hillary Clinton in the election was her commitment to LGBT rights across the globe. President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state created the first administration to support our rights to simply be in the world. Obama and Clinton never wavered on that. I think we […]

Finding Our Feet –– Together

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Last Tuesday, or maybe a decade ago, I ventured out in the rain to an anti-Trump meeting at an enormous Episcopal church uptown, where water was leaking into the foyer from the small domed entry and pooling on the tile. Inside, the large sanctuary was respectably full. The crowd was about […]

Bogus Talk About Boutiques and Biology

BY ED SIKOV | A boutique is where you buy “artisan pantyhose,” we are – thankfully – reminded. “On TV, a commentator speculated that Mrs. Clinton had lost because of her party’s focus on things like trans rights —‘boutique issues,’ they were called. A boutique — a place where you’d shop for, say, artisan pantyhose […]

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