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Democratic Armageddon and Post-Everything America

BY KELLY COGSWELL  | The Democrats really got clobbered this mid-term. And all the progressives are wailing and gnashing their teeth. Still, we at least have a Democratic president for another two years, so it could be worse. And maybe it will be next election. The Republicans will probably keep the House and Senate and […]

De Blasio’s Pot Reform Good Step in Long Catch-Up Game

BY NATHAN RILEY |  The city’s new marijuana policy is a good thing, but it is probably best thought of as just a chapter in a book not yet completed. Donna Lieberman cut to the nub. “New Yorkers need to know if the NYPD is finally ending its marijuana crusade” or simply “shifting tactics,” the […]


November 5, 2014 To the Editor: I was disappointed that Duncan Osborne’s article on the exclusion of the executive directors of Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD) and the MOCHA Center from the 63-person task force charged with developing a plan to reduce new HIV infections statewide ended with two sentences that seemed designed to […]

In Your Face, Down Your Throat

BY ED SIKOV | Get this: “At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime has taken over our nation. Under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) we have seen unprecedented lawlessness from the executive branch of the federal government.” So writes Renew […]

Armed Woman Massacres All-Male Harvard Club

BY SUSIE DAY | Harvard University remains shut down one day after a lone woman wielding a Bushmaster .223 semiautomatic rifle broke through security at the university’s elite, men-only Porcellian Club and shot 14 white male students to death. The female — of indeterminate age, race, and sexual attractiveness — was described as wearing a […]

Andrew Cuomo’s Second Term

Andrew Cuomo’s Second Term

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | Even LGBT New Yorkers who vociferously resist identity politics and being labeled one-issue voters must contend with the compelling case for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection made by his extraordinary leadership on marriage equality. It might be easy to shrug off that challenge given there is no doubt he will win a […]

Ebola and AIDS

Ebola and AIDS

BY ED SIKOV | Courtesy of Peter Staley, writing in the Huffington Post, chronicling the mirth-filled reaction of the Reagan administration to AIDS: Q: Larry, does the President have any reaction to the announcement — the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, that AIDS is now an epidemic and have over 600 cases? SPEAKES: What’s AIDS? […]

Waiting for Guff — In Vain

BY ED SIKOV | As the dust settles on the Supreme Court’s unexpected decision not to take up the appeals of lower court rulings on marriage equality — and gay and lesbian couples are suddenly marrying in droves in once unexpected locales across the land — I thought I’d hunt for editorials blasting the decision […]

A Marriage Loss & the Ongoing Debate Over Puerto Rico’s Political Status

A Marriage Loss & the Ongoing Debate Over Puerto Rico’s Political Status

BY ÁNGEL LUIS CASIANO | Ada Conde and Ivonne Álvarez are household names within Puerto Rico’s LGBT community. As a civil rights attorney for many years, it was no surprise when Conde married her partner in Massachusetts, in the wake of same-sex marriage legalization there 10 years ago. The couple, however, live in Puerto Rico, […]

Band of Sisters

Band of Sisters

BY KELLY COGSWELL | You see them when you live in Paris, these small groups of black teenage girls who hang out near Châtelet or Les Halles, an area of the city with an enormous decrepit shopping center that smells of piss and bleach. They move in packs, jostling and laughing. Picking victims of all […]

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