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Zanele Muholi: We Have to Document

Zanele Muholi: We Have to Document

BY SUSIE DAY | A few weeks ago at the Queers and Comics conference, I heard Alison Bechdel on a panel, talking about how her epic “Dykes to Watch Out For” got started. “At first, I just wanted to see me and my friends in the world,” Alison said. “But after 25 years of doing that […]

Go Ireland? The Real Meaning of the Marriage Victory

BY KELLY COGSWELL | Apparently, rainbows broke out all over Ireland as people voted “yes” to letting queers tie the knot. It was hailed as a remarkable victory for LGBT people, not just because it was the first successful attempt to hold a popular vote on same-sex marriage across an entire country, but also because the […]

The Art of Subversion

BY ED SIKOV | From comes a delightful tale of cyber sabotage: “ used to direct people to the Open Door Baptist Church’s webpage. Now, thanks to one clever man, visitors of the website are redirected to a very, very NSFW hardcore gay XXX site called that depicts videos of tattooed skinheads pounding each […]

Time For New York to Support Those Giving Care

BY LINDA B. ROSENTHAL AND MICHAEL ADAMS | When New Yorkers go home from the hospital, the health care system suddenly becomes very personal. There may be complicated medication regimens to follow, injections to administer, bandages to replace, complex medical equipment to operate, and much more. In many instances, those tasks are up to the person whom […]

Reports of Gaydar’s Demise Are Premature

BY ED SIKOV | The End of Gaydar,” Henry Alford’s recent piece in the Times, is exactly the kind of funny, smart, and well-written essay that we’ve come to expect from Alford. Just seeing his name at the top of an article puts me in a good mood. The trouble with “The End of Gaydar,” however, […]

Let’s Hear it for White Appreciation Day!

BY KELLY COGSWELL | It’s not such a bad idea, White Appreciation Day, the brainchild of two Hispanic restaurant owners, Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jimenez, who recently bought a BBQ place in Milliken, Colorado. It might well be a simple publicity stunt, but fair’s fair after all, and if, like Mr. Antillon said, “We have a […]

Let Our Kids Boldly Go… Buy Legos

BY LENORE SKENAZY | If you have passed a public playground anywhere in New York City, you have seen this sign: “Playground rules prohibit adults except in the company of children.” That is right — no adults allowed, unless they are demonstrably there in their capacity as a caregiver. Apparently, any adult who simply wants to […]

More Dollars Than Sense

More Dollars Than Sense

BY PAUL SCHINDLER | As Out Hotel developers and owners Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass planned their April 20 dinner/ fireside chat with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a long-shot Republican presidential candidate, they clearly had convinced themselves they were players. A week before, a similar event — this one a reelection fundraiser — was held at […]

Sixteen is the New Six

BY LENORE SKENAZY | When Walt Disney was 16 he forged his parents’ signatures and lied about his age so he could join the American Ambulance Corps, which was part of the Red Cross. That’s how he found himself in Europe, just after World War I ended, driving ambulances. He loved it. He said it “added […]

Reisner, Weiderpass, and the GOP Bid for Jewish Votes

BY NATHAN RILEY | The LGBT community has, in recent decades, made itself a major factor in presidential politics, not least when large sums of money have been raised at gala events for Democratic candidates. To the extent that Republican hopefuls have engaged gays and lesbians at all, it has been at considerable distance, often in […]

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