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Gavin Grimm, In His Own Words

Gavin Grimm, In His Own Words

BY NATHAN RILEY | The spitefulness of Republicans — and it’s a problem that goes much deeper than just Trump — toward the vulnerable is breathtaking. Whether it’s cutting medical care for millions at the low end of the economic scale or food assistance for the hungry — the GOP majority seems determined to make […]

How Resistance Can Take Hold, Make Change

BY NATHAN RILEY | Several million marchers have already vented their revulsion and damned Donald Trump, revealing an enthusiasm for resistance that could sustain a left backlash, while Trumpites are accusing the protesters of dividing the nation. Beneath the bluster of administration officials, however, they are worried. His chief of staff, Reince Priebus, warned that […]

To Bounce Back, Democrats Must Take on Income Inequality

BY NATHAN RILEY | Democrats should choose between the voters and its donors. A party that represents the cosmopolitan and successful will fail unless it listens to the grievances of those on wrong side of income inequality. Roosevelt made the Democratic Party the party of working people. Obama managed to sustain that link in his […]

Drug Reform A Rare Election Day Bright Spot

BY NATHAN RILEY | Drug prohibition took it on the chin as voters supported tax-and-regulate referendums in four states that would allow adults to shop for pot. While pot was liberated, Georgia passed a tax on adult establishments that creates a fund for sexually exploited children — encouraging a narrative where adult sexual activity is […]

Don’t Let the FBI Pick the Next President

Don’t Let the FBI Pick the Next President

BY NATHAN RILEY | Hillary Clinton, in a campaign rallying constituencies empowered by the rights revolution that began in the 1960s – including people of color, women, and the LGBT community – has raised the stakes in this presidential election and her efforts have provoked a fierce reaction from law enforcement. Before James Comey, the […]

President Hillary Clinton and the Bernie Sanders Left

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton don’t see eye-to-eye on the issues, and the Vermont hot shot never says otherwise, but he is working closely with her as the Democratic Party turns its focus toward taking the Senate and slimming the Republican advantage in the House. What Sanders does say is that […]

Gays, Blacks, and the Fate of North Carolina Politics in 2016

BY NATHAN RILEY | North Carolina tells the tale of close ties between the fate of the Democratic Party and the LGBT community. Queers are the reason Democrats have a fighting chance in this red state. Charlotte is a banking and financial capital, a hub of colleges and universities, and a beacon of liberalism in a […]

From Ohio, New Evidence of Drug War’s Failure

BY NATHAN RILEY | Bad news for drug warriors continues to escalate, making defenders of the current policy approach look intellectually shabby. Elephant tranquilizers dealt the latest blow to the American strategy of drug interdiction. According to the New York Times, 200 overdoses and “several” deaths have occurred over recent weeks in the Cincinnati area. Police […]

Hillary Clinton and the New Liberal Consensus

BY NATHAN RILEY | The emerging likelihood that Hillary Clinton will be our next president confirms the political paradox that has always surrounded that storied family. The 1990s was the era when Americans in large numbers came to accept lesbians and gays. The social issues that had elevated Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to the presidency […]

After Dallas and Baton Rouge

BY NATHAN RILEY | After former soldiers have twice in recent days launched lethal attacks on police, the Republicans are testing the national civil rights coalition’s ability to turn adversity into advantage. The Democrats have Black Lives Matter, the Republicans chant “Blue Lives Matter.” In past elections, the law and order theme has won battles of […]