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Drug Reformers Take Stock of Attitudes Moving Their Way

BY NATHAN RILEY | Underneath the jubilant mood that swept through last week’s Drug Policy Alliance international conference in Washington was a realization that the campaign to respect the human rights of drug users is proceeding slowly, even as marijuana legalization picks up speed. Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, campaigned for marijuana legalization. Colorado’s experience […]

Meth-PrEP Crisis Claims Simply UnTrue

BY NATHAN RILEY | Amidst cries of yet another drug crisis, an inflammatory piece in a new California publication, the Pride LA, claims that the combination of meth, PrEP, and orgies is threatening to take away the hard won gains of the gay community and create a “catasTrophe.” The op-ed is by Charles Kaiser, a respected […]

Sex Work in the Wake of the Raid

BY NATHAN RILEY | What happens now that is gone? Will the federal Department of Homeland Security follow up with additional raids on similar businesses? The advertisers on rentboy met a well-heeled clientele, and the income they lost has hurt. As these things go, the most dire impact has fallen on sex workers with the […]

Homeland Security’s Rentboy Raid All Too Predictable

Homeland Security’s Rentboy Raid All Too Predictable

BY NATHAN RILEY | The raid on by the US Department of Homeland Security is no fluke. It follows the April passage of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act by lopsided majorities in Washington. Major enforcement responsibility was assigned to the agency created to protect us from terrorism and control immigrants. Congress declared the […]

Reisner, Weiderpass, and the GOP Bid for Jewish Votes

BY NATHAN RILEY | The LGBT community has, in recent decades, made itself a major factor in presidential politics, not least when large sums of money have been raised at gala events for Democratic candidates. To the extent that Republican hopefuls have engaged gays and lesbians at all, it has been at considerable distance, often in […]

What Research Tells Us About Young LGBTQ Sex Workers

BY NATHAN RILEY | Resilience, the ability to stick your head above the muck and keep on trucking, is an often-underestimated strength of the young people who trade sex for money or shelter. It keeps them from defeat and being victims, and it is a quality that allows for the marked bonds of friendship they forge. […]

Bill Bratton’s Possibly Inadvertent Truthiness About Marijuana

Bill Bratton’s Possibly Inadvertent Truthiness About Marijuana

BY NATHAN RILEY | New York needs to take marijuana seriously. People are dying because we won’t create legal markets and offer the protection of the law to marijuana sellers. Commissioner Bill Bratton recently turned an elementary question of law and order into a joke with rhetorical overkill: “People are killing each other over marijuana more […]

Medical Marijuana Advocates Press to Ease New York’s New Regs

BY NATHAN RILEY | Advocates for medical marijuana, aggravated by the narrowness of New York State’s path to date on the plan adopted into law last year, remain doggedly hopeful about the possibility of positive changes after the state health commissioner completes review of public comments. The initial regulations posted in December were deeply disappointing. Although […]

Our Common Cause Is No Myth

BY NATHAN RILEY | In “The Myth of the Gay Community,” a recent college graduate concludes that given the “diverse identities and needs” of LGBT individuals there is no “monolithic” gay community. Outside of those pushing far right fantasies about a “homosexual agenda,” few would pretend that gays could be reduced to cookie cutter sameness. But […]

AIDS Policy Shows Where de Blasio’s New York is Succeeding

BY NATHAN RILEY | I could plant a big wet kiss on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s cheek for putting Dr. Demetre Daskalakis in charge of AIDS policy. Daskalakis is a persuader, an exciting man who understands his subject. Before he became a deputy commissioner in the city health department, he led a team that visited […]