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Todd Akin Inspires Perp Power Movement

BY SUSIE DAY | Snidelines News/ Kansas City, MO — By now it is well known that Missouri Representative Todd Akin explained his opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape, by saying that women who experience “a legitimate rape” can avoid pregnancy by telling their bodies to “shut that whole thing down.” It is […]

Tito’s Class-Conscious Classifieds

BY SUSIE DAY | In a recent PBS interview with Bill Moyers, journalist Chris Hedges discussed protest for social change. “Revolt,” he said, apropos of salvaging a collapsing world, “is all we have. It is our only hope.” I agree. So would my friend Tito Gerassi, who believed all his life in revolution. And, since […]

Brain Surgery Excises Rads’ Obama Ambivalence

BY SUSIE DAY | NEW YORK, NY — In what promises to be a real boost for the US presidential incumbent, a team of doctors has devised a “miraculous” new method of brain surgery that purportedly will enable thousands of radical leftists, progressives, and revolutionaries to vote — on purpose — for Barack Obama in […]

Living In Two Cities: Tarif And Evelyn Warren

Living In Two Cities: Tarif And Evelyn Warren

BY SUSIE DAY | On May 14, Evelyn Warren and Michael Tarif Warren, attorneys at law, held a press conference. They stood outside the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse and announced that their case, Warren v. City of New York, had been settled. They had dropped their lawsuit against the city and the NYPD officers who had […]

Second Coming Shocker! 
Marx, Not Jesus, Returns to Earth!

Second Coming Shocker! 
Marx, Not Jesus, Returns to Earth!

NEW YORK, NY — Millennial Christians and godless communists alike were stunned when 19th century economist and revolutionary Karl Marx suddenly returned from the dead about two hours ago to land, in bodily form, at the corner of Nassau and Wall Streets. His appearance interrupted Occupy Wall Street protesters as they negotiated the preparations for […]

Why I Couldn’t Watch This Year’s Oscars

BY SUSIE DAY | Damien Bona wrote about the movies. Loved them; loved all the vain absurdity that goes into making and appraising them; loved our need for dreams that keeps us watching them. Damien went to law school; had been, in fact, a real attorney and mature adult, but gave it up to do […]

Dead Iraqis Occupy Wall Street

BY SUSIE DAY  |  With the war in Iraq now officially over and the Occupy Wall Street movement less visible, life in New York was expected to return to normal. Instead, several recent passersby in Manhattan’s financial district have reported seeing thousands of deceased Iraqi civilians taking up residence at Zuccotti Park. The park served […]

Asking, Telling, Enlisting

BY SUSIE DAY | SNIDE LINES | The moment President Barack Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, this reporter flew to the Persian Gulf to get the real story. I asked several gay and lesbian service people how they got there, and what they feel about their newly won rights. PRIVATE CLYDE, […]

The Adoration of the Mad Activist

BY SUSIE DAY  |  Snide Lines:Hello, is this the famous activist Tanya Klugworth? Well, is Tanya there? Me? Who am I? Oh, I’m nobody important; I just have important business with Tanya. Are you important? Ohmygod, you’re Tanya’s girlfriend! I guess I should say “partner,” right? You are so lucky! Say, what’s Tanya’s favorite color? […]

Downwind From Fukushima: A Mad Activist Dialogue

BY SUSIE DAY | Snide Lines: MAD ACTIVIST: Oh Innermost Being, I am so sad about Japan. I’m grief-stricken about the earthquake and tsunami that touched off that horrific nuclear power plant crisis. People ripped away from their homes and families, facing radiation poisoning, living in bodies that will soon cause them so much pain, […]