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LGBTQ in Intersectionality Mix at Women’s Convention

LGBTQ in Intersectionality Mix at Women’s Convention

BY MICHAEL LUONGO | Intersectionality. It was a phrase used throughout the Women’s Convention, held in Detroit October 27 to 29. The Convention was a natural progression from the January 21 Women’s March, the response by women and their allies to the inauguration of Donald Trump that was held in Washington and other cities across the […]

Gay and Disabled in an Ableist, Heteronormative World

BY JOSEPH A. LOGIUDICE | I always felt different as a child. It was not until adulthood that I realized why: I am gay and disabled. I talk often about being an LGBTQ person, but rarely will you hear me talk openly about my learning disability. I sat through many years of psychoeducational testing in New […]

The Terror of Terroir

BY KELLY COGSWELL | While Americans duke it out over the White House, the French are lining up to get into the annual Agricultural Fair in Paris, where you can see in the flesh how tough it is to maintain symbols of tradition in a society grappling with how to integrate immigrants and prod the recalcitrant […]