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Nine Revolting Rebekah Mercers — In One Museum!

Nine Revolting Rebekah Mercers — In One Museum!

BY SYDNEY PEREIRA | The Revolting Lesbians were back on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History on Friday, and they weren’t afraid to get kicked out or even have the cops called on them. In fact, that was partially their goal. The Friday the 13th “horror show” was a demonstration against Rebekah Mercer […]

Lie with Dogs, Wake up with Fleas

BY ED SIKOV | It certainly has been a brisk few weeks in the media. Rarely have so many column inches been devoted to whether the word “lie” can or should be used to describe the steady stream of bullshit coming out of a politician’s mouth. But since the politician in question is the president […]

How Resistance Can Take Hold, Make Change

BY NATHAN RILEY | Several million marchers have already vented their revulsion and damned Donald Trump, revealing an enthusiasm for resistance that could sustain a left backlash, while Trumpites are accusing the protesters of dividing the nation. Beneath the bluster of administration officials, however, they are worried. His chief of staff, Reince Priebus, warned that […]