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Disrupt J20 and the Real Cost of Violence

Disrupt J20 and the Real Cost of Violence

BY SUSIE DAY | Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20 in Washington, DC, last year is something that most of us who read Gay City News try to forget. The arrest of more than 230 protesters at “Disrupt J20” that same day in DC, and the charging of 194 of them with felony rioting — […]

Kettling Free Speech, Or Unicorn Riot Routs the New York Times

BY SUSIE DAY | Does anybody have enough strength left to pop a cork in celebration that we’ve made it through Trump’s first year in office? I don’t. There is stuff to celebrate, such as the December 21 jury trial acquittal of six of the 194 defendants facing decades in prison for protesting at Trump’s inauguration […]