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Starting the Year Back on Crackpot Alley

BY ED SIKOV | We haven’t taken a stroll down Crackpot Alley in quite a while. So let’s go for a walk! Guess who the first person we see is? Yes, that’s him, leaning against the decrepit wall of a clown-themed gay bar. It’s the three-time winner of the “World’s Greatest Asshole” contest, Milo Yiannopoulos. We’d […]

Flash from the Right: Homophobia Can Be Lethal

BY ED SIKOV | So far, the Orlando massacre has avoided the fate the detestable “news cycle” — the 24-hour period in which anything of public value is ground up into media sausage that will have spoiled by the next day — might have forced upon it. On the heroic end of the spectrum, Frank Bruni […]

The Pissoirs of Crackpot Alley

BY ED SIKOV | Toilets, toilets, toilets! If it weren’t for the farcical but terrifying triumph of the billionaire buffoon Spy magazine used to call “the short-fingered vulgarian,” the news would be dominated by bathroom chatter. That coverage of Donald Trump — news, analyses, endorsements, denunciations — has managed to render secondary America’s creepy fixation on […]